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|life and me

i'm not much for pouring out what i do and my personal feelings on a site that any idiot can go to so here's just a few things about me:

  • optimistic
  • [people tell me i'm - ] random, imaginative, creative
  • i want a cookie
  • fear of big dogs
  • sleeps on the couch in the living room during school breaks and summer
  • camping out in the backyard is hecka fun
  • cat named kitty
  • darren of phantom planet remembered me from the 1st show i went to
  • sometimes hecka is better than hella
  • rarely has friends over
  • i like my life
  • thinking about the future is bad
  • i admire...people involved in music
  • i admire...elvis costello, wes anderson & owen wilson, and rivers cuomo [to an extent]
  • at 2am i got chased by a big dog who jumped a fence
  • i've got stitches on my head from when i hit my head under a big platform on a playground
  • high schools should have playgrounds
  • fear of heights and traveling by plane
  • i play guitar
  • i used to know how to play the piano

if you have any real questions, worries, comments, complaints:
AIM: BrokenDenial

later, dickwad.