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name: diane
age: 16
birthday: november 26
ethnicity: asian [vietnamese]
occupation: high school student [junior]
career goal: commercial photography, advertising, graphic design...

food(s): good stuff
animal(s): kitties, puppies, monkeys
video game(s): super mario bros. 3, space invaders, final fantasy VII, bust a move [no specific one], kirby's adventure...pinball machines
book(s): harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, harry potter and the goblet of fire (j.k. rowling), the hobbit (j.r.r. tolkien), the illustrated man (ray bradbury)
band(s)/artist(s): phantom planet, weezer, elvis costello, the clash, the ramones, the beatles, am radio, the misfits, sugarcult, jimmy eat world green day, the juliana theory, cat stevens, the velvet underground...
composer(s): most any classical composer...recent composer, mark mothersbaugh has recently become a favorite
song(s): "turn shift smile repeat," "can you see me now?," "the guest," "something is wrong" (phantom planet); "falling for you," "el scorcho," "only in dreams," "surf wax america," "jamie" (weezer); "police & theives" (the clash); "hey jude," "let it be," "twist and shout," "revolution," "here comes the sun" (the beatles); "life's a gas," "judy is a punk," "i wanna be sedated" (the ramones); "oliver's army," "secondary modern," "so young," "(the angels wanna wear) my red shoes)," "high fidelity" (elvis costello)