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Last Update: 07/29/02

07/29/02 - The horror is over because my brother bought two tickets to the Elvis Costello/Phantom Planet show for September 28th. So if you're going, maybe you'll see me there. Click here to download the recent Troubadour show! Many wonderful thanks to SirNigelBearington of the PP boards.

07/22/02 - Oh, the horror! The beautiful horror of being tormented. I just updated the tour dates and Phantom Planet will be doing a headlining tour in the Midwest and East Coast later this summer. And after that, they will be doing another tour supporting the one and only Mr. ELVIS COSTELLO! Source: Suzanne (PPF e-mails). But I have to suffer the torment of not being able to go on the 28th of September where Costello and PP will be playing in a local city because the minimum ticket price is $45. I don't have a job so that is a problem for me. Erg!.............Vote for "Lonely Day" on the BUMRock's Reader's Choice here. Source: PPF.

07/19/02 - This PDF has a preview of an upcoming Phantom Planet show at the Wicker Park Summer Street Festival from citylink (Chicago newspaper). As some of you may know, Jason does the voice of Julius the monkey for the Paul Frank web toons and they are now able to be viewed here. Source: PPF

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