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Official Sites:
Phantom Planet

Label Sites:
Epic Records
Cheap Date Records

PP Fan Sites:
As the World Goes on the Internet
Down In A Second
In Our Darkest Hour
Found 'em: ~*Spark*~'s Phantom Planet Page
L.A. Sugar
The Local Black & Red
The Local Black And Red
[Lunchbox Angels]
Phantom Planet Kara's Flowers Teen Heroes
Peace & Quiet
Phantom Planet Experience
Phantom Planet Insider
Phantom Planet Is Missing
Phantom Planet Links
Phantom Planet Resources
Phantom Planet Revolution
*~Phantom Planet Shadows~*
The Phantom Planet Shrine
Phantom Planet Strikes Back
Phantom Planet Tribute Page
Phantom Planet Zone
A Place That's Warm
Powered by Phantom Planet
The Setting Star
The Sleep Machine
Sessions with Phantom Planet
A Tyranny of Words
Woohoo! Phantom Planet. Yeah.

Alex Planet
A Jacques Brautbar Fan Site
The Jason Schwartzman Shrine
j s c h w a r t z m a n
Planet Schwartz

The Rushmore Academy

Doritos Live! (March 30, 1999) PP Interview (2001)

Concert Reviews:
The Whisky in West Hollywood (02/03/96)
Jerry's Pizza in Bakersfield (09/29/00)
El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA (02/02/01)
El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA (02/02/01)
9:30 Club in Washington D.C. (09/18/01)
House of Blues in Hollywood, CA (12/2001)

Yahoo! Groups:
Alex Greenwald
Darren Phans
Heavy D
I Wanna Live on the Moon
Jacques Brautbar
Phans of Sam Farrar
Phantom Phamily
Phantom Planet
The Schwartzman Society

Fanclubs/Message Boards, etc.:
. the. jacques . brautbar . fanclub . NEW!
Phantom Planet Discussion List NEW!
Phantom Planet Message Boards