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12/19/01 - House of Blues - Hollywood, CA
by Ashley
The Setting Star

HOB on Sunset

     Thankfully me and Kelli got to this show on time unlike the last one! We first walked over by where Darren and Sam played but then we I decided that there may be less people on the other side. So we went over there right by where Jacques always is. It was a nice uncrowded area. We were in the 3rd row and all of the people close to us were PP fans. The little area definitely had a great vibe! While waiting for PP to come on I saw Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley.

     The show started sometime after 8:00 and once again I loved every second of it. They opened with "Please Apply Yourself Sweetly." They then played "Shadows," "Lonely Day," "In Our Darkest Hour," and "Nobody's Fault." Alex said tonight was special because they were recording. Yeah! I am now part of another PP recording! You would think that they were recording "California" or something like that but to my surprise.. they recorded "The Guest"! Then after they playedthat song, Alex said that today (the 19th) was two of his friends birthdays. He spotted Tennessee (one of his friends)in the middle of the floor in front of the stage and just as I thought they were going to sing Happy Birthday or something, he started talking about this one song they rarely play. Then Jacques ruined the surprise and said it was "Do The Panic." -Great song. Next they played "Wishing Well" and "California." I think it was during "Wishing Well", Alex crawled under Darren and they got their guitar cords tangled. Then it was time for "All Over Again"! This time it was a little different though. Different in a really fun way. Alex told the crowd that he wanted us to join in when he told us to and Alex and Jacques bickered over which side was left and which side was right. The bickering only lasted for about three sentences though. Alex finally decided that the side I was on was right (the side in front of Jacques) and the other side was left. They started "All Over Again" and then about mid way through he had the right side yell, then the left, then my side (the right) again. After some hard thinking and tons of yelling... my side won! During the end of this song Alex came over to the right side and acted like he was going to jump down, but he just leaned over into the crowd and then he went to the other side. He jumped down into the crowd there but made it out alive. They even added another chorus to the song because it was going so good. At some point in the show Alex also complemented the audience on how we were the best audience they have had in two or three weeks! And he loved our enthusiasm! The music sounded really good tonight and for some reason I heard Jacques guitar parts better than before. Maybe because we were in front of him. The only sad thing was that Alex's voice kept doing this weird screechy type thing every once in awhile. Overall, I thought PP's last public performance of 2001 rocked!

     Now onto the after show! As son as PP left the stage, me and Kelli looked for Suzanne. We found her right away and we each bought a grey zippered sweat jacket. I also bought one of the new Pp shirts to get signed for Kelli. The signed shirt was her Christmas present. After we made our purchases, we went to the front of the room closest to where Jacques usually is to talk to the guys. But that didn't work out to well because security was making them move back to Suzanne where we had just come from. SO as we were walking back Jacques walked by us and said hi it's great to see you. Then we wanted to talk to Alex but there were a lot of people around him. We decided to go see Sam but as soon as we walked by Alex he said hi and then we talked to him. Kelli said they played great and she told him that Not Another Teen Movie was filmed at our school. Then we started towards Sam again and he said hi and we shook hands (something new with him) and Kelli told him the same thing she told Alex. Then I kind of shooed Kelli away so I could get the shirt signed. I talked to him some more and then I had Darren sign the shirt. Next, I had Alex sign the shirt an I found Kelli. I didn't tell her exactly what I was doing because I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Then I remembered that I needed to ask Alex something, so I went and found Alex again. When I got there he was talking to some friends and then he and Jenny Lewis had to go talk to someone somewhere. Then a few minutes later I decided to ask Sam and he answered the question perfectly and once again he was super nice! Wow, I talked to Sam a lot more than usual. Then a few minutes later I went and found Kelli and took her over by the bar so she could see Pete Yorn who had already started playing. While he was playing I talked to a really nice girl that I've seen there before about Jason. Pete Yorn was alright. Nothing to ride home about, but Kelli liked him. Then during the Pete Yorn set, Darren walked by me and said goodnight. I don't think Kelli even noticed it was him at first. We saw also Laura Prepon (Donna on That '70s Show), the oldest brother from Malcolm in the Middle who is her boyfriend, and all three Hanson's.

     After the show we went and sat outside and waited for Kelli's mom to pick us up. We waited for about an hour and in the mean time, we saw some very funny people/valet situations, and Kelli met Pete Yorn. I also saw Jason but I didn't ask him to sign the shirt because Kelli was right next to me. Once again PP left a show before we did.

Set list:
Apply Yourself
Lonely Day
In Our Darkest Hour
Nobody's Fault
The Guest
Do the Panic
Wishing Well
All Over Again