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11/21/01 - Slim's, San Francisco, CA - opening for Flickerstick w/ Rubyhorse
by Diane

Apply Yourself
In Our Darkest Hour
Can't Take It
Nobody's Fault
The Guest
Wishing Well
All Over Again

     The show in Slim's on 11/21/01 was amazing. Phantom Planet was the second out of the three bands that night to rock. I just wanted to hear Phantom Planet and get the hell out of there. It was stuffy, it was crowded, there were people complaining, people pushing, and it was not pleasant to stand with nothing to lean on. I got there with my brother and my best friend at around 7:35pm or so. My parents had driven us all there; we had left the house at around 6:35pm.

     Left stage. In front of Jacques. Where we were last time. Loud. Amazing. Setting up after Rubyhorse took imperceptibly long. At least it seemed like it did because my dad was going to pick us up at 11pm. 5 to 10, still setting up. 5 after 10, still setting up. Finally, the lights went down and Jason took the stage alone playing the drums of "Shadows" with the audience cheering for Phantom Planet madly. Alex, Jacques, Sam, and Darren came on and started playing. Sam and Darren's guitar strap kept coming loose and so somebody kept on bringing them new guitars until they fixed their usual one. I noticed Sam liked to rub heads with the other members, wiping his sweat on the back of their shirt. And at one point, Jacques almost knocked Alex down, making him smile and laugh during a song. This seemed rather strange though - Alex played his guitar between Jacques' legs. Whoa, a little close there. Too bad I didn't have my camera. They played "The Guest" which made me happy. Alex mentioned before he played the song that "The Guest" is a song that is not recorded and might never get recorded so it's a "gift for the audience." And I loved it during "Lisa" in the line "He said just leave it," Alex said "Jacques, tell them what you told me" and the audience (including me) yelled "Just leave it." Good stuff. And of course, they ended their performance with the crazy "All Over Again."

     I got autographs. I got to shake Jason's hand. I told Darren I loved him. Darren remembered me and Catherine. I'll have a scanned picture of my autographed EP here soon.