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10/31/01 - Warfield - San Francisco, CA - opening for Tenacious D
by Cristina

Hmm.. the Warfield with Tenacious D was quite an experience. Both good and bad. Let's start with positive, work to negative, then back to positive.
     Alright.. I got to the Warfield around 7pm and the guys went on at 8pm and had a 30 minute set. As usual, the set was awesome. Here is the set list in no particular order:
Apply Yourself
In Our Darkest Hour
Nobody's Fault
The Guest
Wishing Well
All Over Again
     Alex came out with a mask on, seeing as though it was Halloween. Many freaks were out in the city, let me tell you. Yikes! Anyway, Darren and Sam had on some ghoulish make-up, and Jason and Jb were in regular clothes. Side note:
Alex and Sam wore the same outfits ALL 3 SHOWS in San Francisco. Just thought I'd share that sick fact with all of you :) The guys pretty much played through the whole set without much talking. That was a good idea.. until Alex asked for audience participation before "Nobody's Fault." Bad move Alex. He was like, "Okay, I'm gonna need everyone's help before this next song. Everyone ask me how I'm doing." Well, the response he got wasn't anything like he wanted. "YOU C*CKSUCKER!!! GET OFF THE STAGE!" Alex: "Uh.. okay, we do this at every show. It's Phantom Planet tradition.." Audience: "SHUT UP F*CKFACE!! SUCK MY DICK!" Alex: "Uh.. alright.. 'Everything is okay..'" It was so awful. Because I was at the top of the theatre, I could hear it all more clearly. Hopefully it wasn't the case for down in the pit. The guys handled it very well and didn't let it effect their performance. The only eventful things during the set: Sam kicked his tambourine during "California" because it was in his way. It made me laugh. Alex did crowd surf during "All Over Again" but it didn't look the way it normally does. I thought he was going to get mauled. The people on the floor were enjoying the guys for the most part, so that was really the only good thing about the night.
     After the set I decided to wander down to the lobby to see if the guys or Suzanne would come out. I saw a girl I had met at a prior concert (Hi Tisha!) and hung out with her and her friend for a while, and no sign of the guys. I decided that I should go back to my seat before Tenacious D took the stage. As I headed toward the stairs, who do I see but Jacques. I was like "Oh my God Jacques!" (Not all teenybopper like, more like you see your best friend in the store and it's like "what are you doing here?" That's the only way I can explain it. Hehe.) And he was like "Hey, what's up!" So I talked to him for about 5 minutes. I bought the guys Halloween M&Ms, he seemed really psyched about that. All of a sudden, he was like "guess what my costume is." He looked like he normally does, so I said, "I don't know, a rock star?" And he's like, "No, I'm a Phish fan." Actually, you could see it! It was pretty funny. I was wearing a Harry Potter shirt, so we talked about that for a couple minutes and then he had to leave. I got a hug! Yay! That was the highlight of my night.