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09/28/01 - Trocadero; Philadelphia, PA
by Blaire

Well, let me just begin saying that I don't think I could describe how amazing how Phantom PLanet was live and do any justice to their abilities as musicians or them at all. They opened with "Shadows" and it was phenomenal, the whole crowd was completely into it. I have never in all my many concert experiences witnessed an opening band that was sooo great and that got such an amazing response from the crowd. When it was time to leave the crowd screamed "No, don't leave!" (I was one of them hehe). They played a great set with amazing, upbeat, just overall wonderful songs. They closed with "California, an incredibly beautiful, more mellow song about returning home (for those of you who haven't gotten the sampler for the new album yet). It was sooooo beautiful! I listen to it everyday and i just makes me smile. After their departure from the stage you could see Jason watching Hi-Fi from backstage, it was adorable, and for the last song both bands came on stage and covered Cheap Trick's classic song "Surrender." I must say it was without a doubt the best cover I have ever seen!!!!!! Afterwards my friends and I were purchasing some merchandise and the guys came out to sign autographs then being the indescribably amazing people they are, walked outside and hung out with us for what seemed like a moment but was close to an hour. They are some of the sweetest, mos talented guys in the world and if you have ever gotten to personally experience you are one of the luckiest people in the world.

Phantom Planet rocks!!!!!!
Rock On!