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01/02/02 - Members-Only Show - Hollywood, CA
by Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

I'm crappy at writing reviews, so here's a basic rundown:

Openers were 3 girls in an un-named band. The drummer's the daughter of Pete Thomas of The Attractions. They played 2 songs which were pretty well written. Then Robert Schwartzman came out and played a song, just him and the guitar. Nice. A few minutes later, Phantom Planet comes out and kicks everyone's asses for almost 2 hours.
Opening with Rise The Setting Star (!!!)
Apply Yourself
Hey Now Girl
In Our Darkest Hour
Bust A Move
Somebody's Baby
Fine On My Own
Lonely Day
California with guest drummer Stacy from American Hi-Fi and Jason on the keys.
Do The Panic
Now, this next chunk was completely amazing as each of the members came out and performed a song by themselves:
Jacques played a new song he wrote called Holiday. It's the best song of his I've heard in quite a while. Very much of a Travis feel.
Sam came out and covered Mother Nature's Son. He did an absolutely incredible job. That boy needs to sing more, he's fantastic.
Alex played a song he said the band hadn't even heard yet, maybe called Morning Afternoon and Night. The way the song progresses, I could picture Rufus Wainwright doing it. Just fantastic. I really hope these will see the light of day as B-sides.
Then Jason came out and brought Alex to play keyboard and Robert to handle drums. He covered something I don't know, but I suspect it may be The Flaming Lips. Anyone? I'm not familiar with their stuff, it was great though.
Darren came out last and played quite a bit of You And Whose Army, which was really surprisingly good. Then he did his Busta Bus rap.
It was just really beautiful, how nervous they all were to be holding the spotlight alone, playing things that felt very intimate.
Then they had a little kareoke bit where they let a bunch of people get up and sing some songs from Is Missing. The songs were:
Recently Destressed
Can't Take It (Ned from Rooney joined in on this)
Back to the regular show with:
Sleep Machine (sounded @#%$ awesome)
Winter Wonderland
Local Black And Red
Lava Light (not in a million years would I guess that they'd do this. Alex played bass and Jacques sang lead for the whole song. Kicked ass.)
The Guest
Nobody's Fault
Wishing Well
All Over Again
And then, the All Star Jam for Surrender. It was a crazy-ass mess of people. Pete Yorn, people from American Hi-Fi, Rooney, Karas Flowers, Rilo Kiley and a bunch more that I couldn't even keep track of. I really hope someone got a picture of Alex hanging from the ceiling beam.
And that was it. By this time I think it was around 11:40. They made their way around the room for a while and then got onstage to raffle a few things off. And around 12:45, everyone was finally leaving.
And that's that. I'm sure someone can do a better job, but there you go.