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Show Review: Roxy, 8/5/00

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Phantom Planet at the Roxy August 5, 2000

Though my friends and I drove for 3 hours to the Roxy this past Saturday night when it should have taken one as a result of bad directions off a certain map website which will remain unnamed, we all felt it was well worth it. We still arrived as the first band was getting onstage, the Moseleys. Their sound was decent, but I found it rather difficult to focus on anything other than their "moracca player" who was making the group of girls in front of us very nervous by flailing about as though he had some type of mental disorder. And, during one of their songs that contained a subject matter of cocaine, he proceeded to take out a bag of what seemed to be color-changing kool-aid and snort it up his nose. All in all, I don't think I'll see them again unless they happen to open for another band I enjoy.

Then the next group took stage, Bikeride. Though I'd heard some of their music beforehand, I found them much better live. They played a few happy tunes including "Blue Jeans" and a song about a girl named "Jennifer." They're definitely the genre of music that makes you walk around humming their tunes all day.

Finally, Phantom Planet came onstage to set up. And, as I'm sure you've all heard, Alex was sporting a new 'do that was quasi-mullet-ish (short on top and a tad long in back-quite reminiscent of the 80s and Mr. T). It was explained later by Darren via e-mail that it is for his role in Donnie Darko and that he hates it. I can't exactly remember the entire set, but some of the songs included were "Recently Distressed," "California," "Lisa (Does it Hurt You?)," and one of my favorites, "Shadows." Though there were many technical difficulties, I think they handled it rather well, what with some corny jokes about Alex being Captain Eo by way of a synthesizer and Jacques playing a little rendition of a boy band single which I didn't recognize. I'd have to say the biggest surprise was at the end when Alex took over the drums and Jason came out to do his Blur thing...because who should push his way past me onto stage, alcohol in hand, but Devon Sawa. Hmm...I've also been told that many other celebs made some cameos such as Claire Danes and...others that I fail to remember now.

All in all, I had a great night. Regardless of the quasi-mullet and a few technical difficulties, I'd say just about any Phantom Planet show is well worth it....even if it takes you three hours to get there. Thank you and Goodnight.

-Dawn Russell