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Photographed by Pamela Hanson

This wasn't really an article but I put the captions and quotes that were part of the pictures above, here:

it's a mod mod world
We love big eyes, pale lips and cute boys with guitars. Rising rockers Phantom Planet supply the vibe for our beauty fantasy.

  • 1st caption (2nd picture, seventeen02.jpg): check 1, 2, 3 - Dig the new breed. "Mods look slick," says Jason Schwartzman, drummer.
  • 2nd caption (3rd picture, seventeen04.jpg): hair groupie - While the guys are psyched about their new album, The Guest (due out in February), they are also happy to talk about girls (go figure) and hair. "Long, sexy hair is great," says Jason. "Bangs are cute," says Alex Greenwald, the band's lead vocalist. "Especially on Renee."
  • 3rd caption (4th picture, seventeen05.jpg): in the band - How do you pull off patterned hot pants and fitted tops? With makeup that's sleek, neat and full of contrast. "Dressing nicely is not an option-it's a requirement," says Alex. "That's mod."
  • 4th caption (no picture): coolest line - "Makeup is great but I think the thing that makes someone beautiful is the look in her eyes, the little je ne sais quoi in her step" says Jason.
    "I really love dark eye makeup-it's sexy," says Jacques. "If a false eyelash falls off midsmooch, I'd probably laugh and keep going."
  • 5th caption (no picture): shagadelic - We go black-and-white even on the nails. "The polish is amazing," says bassist Sam Farrar. (We love boys who can jam on their guitars and and pay attention to beauty.)