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What the hell?

.:**:.HAHA aka Catherine aka saturnprincess_alien_182 aka artificiallysane.:**:.
"Oh, my god, I'm choking on my chicken fingers! Quick, someone give me the Heimlich!"

.:**:.the creator aka Diane aka burning_candlewax aka angels_exist_.:**:.
"I wonder if I can fit this whole microphone in my mouth."

"Goddamn you Boris! GODDAMN YOOUU!!!"

"OUCH! Why the hell did you pinch my ass, Sam???"

"I'm going for the whole brooding rock star look in this pose. Is it working??"

"Crap you jaw locked! OH NO! Ok ok..just...act...natural..."

"(what's that i didn't hear you)
(come on, a little louda) SHUT THE F*** UP
(everybody N2gether now)...."

I think I shall do my best impression of Eddie from The Munsters now.

11/17/00 WTH?
"Man, this wedgie is killing me!"

.:**:.the creator.:**:.
"That wedgie Darren gave me is really itching me. That butt nugget..."

.:**:.wild turkey.:**:.
"Ima working on the rail road! Farnoc farnoc! Is a what hes thinking! He accidentally put a pocket of glitter in his eye ball. It is painful for him. You see, he looking at a monkey right now. Darren do not see the monkey. Darren is thinking: about the hippies, is the hippies in his pocket? Can he see the hippies? O yes, and Jacques. Can he be a doggie? The answer is yes. He can be a doggie. But why a dog, he is thinking. Why not a turkey like wild turkey? The whale that is stuck in his shirt is bothering him. The yes no maybe of his world man, is wondering. Superman? Fat-so? Marco polo? These are the questions that make the world a better farm to be on. So called the no man. Yes man. Think so not so. Fart."

"Wow, 'Bedazzled' was really intense! That scene with Brendan Fraser realizes that he can speak Spanish! Oooh, goose bumps! "

.:**:.Sarah Le Person.:**:.
"Man, would I like to get my hands on that chicken on the back table!"

"Uh oh. Brain fart. What do I do next? What song is this? Where am I? Wait...WHO am I?"

.:**:.that would be dawn.:**:.
"That girl in the shredded M*A*S*H shirt is looking mighty fine. Come my way, honey. Give Daddy some sugar."

.:**:.Um Devon Wait no Wait yeah Devon.:**:.
"I bet someone is taking my picture. I bet someone will post it up on a website. I bet that website will be called What the hell? I bet my glasses will be glinting in that picture. Huh."

"I wish I were home watching 'eXistenZ' right now..."