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08/12/02 - Watch Phantom Planet's premiere of the "Lonely Day" video on MTV2 today. And on Thursday, August 15, catch it every hour on the hour for one of the Thursday Premiere slots. Source: Suzanne, PPF e-mails. Check your local listings for times. I uploaded a live version of one of PP's new songs: "By the Bed." Go to the sounds sub-section in the music section. Thanks to SirNigelBearington of the PP message boards for recording and ripping it. The PP Levi's ad (as seen on the splash page of PPF) is in the current issue of Maxim's Blender magazine (Mandy Moore cover). There is also a small Jason interview in the 50 Top Musical Movie Moments (for Rushmore). Source: popfan11 and Sheryl of the boards. I also put up the other section. I now have my personal site up because some of you have requested something about myself to be part of Fine On My Own. Well, there you go. [Happy 17th birthday to Catherine.]

08/04/02 - Another new layout. I just liked this one better. Stuff will be added later on. I'm workin' on it. Updates later. I'm pretty lazy.