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March 2002 Updates

03/27/01 - Phantom Planet's premiere of the "Hey Now Girl" music video is being aired tonight on JBTV (Chicago)! Go to the official JBTV site for more information. Source: PPF. There's going to be a PP interview at on April 1. Source: SweetChellie of the PPF boards. More mp3s coming soon.

03/24/02 - Geez. I can't keep up with Phantom Planet anymore. News: The Indianapolis show that was scheduled for tonight has been CANCELLED. Venice magazine has a recent PP feature here, DePaul University's paper reviewed The Guest here, Dallas Music Guide has a contest where you can win signed PP CDs and posters here, interviewed Sam here, Lehigh University reviewed The Guest here, and Cornerstone magazine reviewed Guest here. Jason recently went to the South by Southwest music conference where he interviewed several bands and they are going to be aired on MTV2, check PPF for the dates and air times. Source: PPF. I finally got around to updating the shows (including the upcoming tour with Guster and Incubus) so you can check those out. I'm working on the new layout from time to time but I just don't feel like going online anymore. But of course I'll keep working on my Phantom Planet site. And I added a song to the account and credit goes to Jeremy of the PPF boards for recording it! It's a song written by Jason which he sings at the end of his movie, Slackers (called Ethan's Song). Log-in information is in the last part of the 03/14 update.

03/19/02 - The independent film, Donnie Darko, that Alex was in, is out on DVD today. Cost me $25 but it was worth it.

03/14/02 - Happy birthday, Jacques!!! And for everybody who signed the card, I sent it out on the 12th so he should get it today or tomorrow. Hopefully. There's an E! Online interview with Alex here. Source: PPF. This was mentioned on the PPF boards but I forgot to put it in an update - there's two PP articles here and here. Log into because I've got some new songs. E-mail address: , password: phantomplanet

03/12/02 - Phantom Planet will tour with Incubus. Holy shite. Incubus. From May 24 to July 3. Check or

03/10/02 - There's a nice, new Phantom Planet fansite. Very nice. There are some new show dates but I haven't put them up yet so please check them out at PPF. I've got some new scanned and recent magazine pictures but I'm on limited time right now, homework and all that shite. I'm sending out Jacques' birthday card tomorrow, but you can still sign it! Thanks to all that signed. I'll have a list of all the people soon. I think this site has been pretty inactive for a while so I'm bringing back a lot of stuff, and I'll have some new stuff up. AND the SOUNDS is back up! I'm using again because I can't find any place else to hold my mp3s, except for but I can only have up to 50 MB there. The log-in e-mail address is and the passoword is phantomplanet - that's for I only have one song up but it's a bootleg of the NEW PP song! It's called "Happy Ending" (mentioned before in a former update). Remember to click on "My Locker" when you log in. If you don't want to use MyPlay, I do have "Happy Ending" up @ The log-in name is ppsounds and the password is phantomplanet . Click on the "INBOX" button. With all these new site news, I'm also going to have a new layout. I already started working on it, and it's not black this time. Black is going to be gone.

03/07/02 - Thanks to INebula1231 of the PPF boards!: Phantom Planet is featured in the April issue of Spin magazine in the "Incoming: Ones to Watch" article. There's a bunch of show dates added. Check those out. The Guest is #133 on Billboard for their first week! Keep it up. PPF.

03/05/02 - Jacques signed my guestbook! Wow. Thank you Jacques. And thank you Charlotte, Catherine, Bongoloo, Jessie, Thomas, Karen, Georgiana, and Kat who all signed my guestbook recently. Thanks for all your nice comments (especially Thomas). I think I'll take your advice. There's an USC article on Phantom Planet here. has an interview of Sam here. And here's a review from The L.A. Times of last Saturday's show @ the Roxy. Source: PPF. I've got some more signatures for Jacques' birthday card. I think I need your signatures by the 7th, so I can get ready, put it together, send it to Elise, then she'll send it to Jacques, eh? So please SIGN. But you don't have to. I might be back later.

03/02/02 - Thanks to Ashley who posted on the PPF boards: New Times L.A. reviewed The Guest here. Another one here from AMG. Another one here from E! Online. 2 Yahoo! news on Jason here and here. Jason interview from The Onion A.V. Club featured here. Source: PPF; Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy, Sam, Ashley, VL, and Katie of the PPF boards. There's a new PP song called "Happy Ending" that's officially added to the setlist now! Source: Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy, PPF boards. Sign JB's birthday card, please. It's coming up SOON.

03/01/02 - There is a new PP fansite by Georgiana called In Our Darkest Hour. Visit. Kim e-mailed me and told me that Jason is in the current issue of GQ magazine (w/ Tobey Maguire and Zhang Ziyi) in a VOXX ad. He is # IV on the top X men list. Thanks to Kim! I'm feeling a bit sick so I'll come back later to update.