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01/30/02 cont. - 3 new show dates added. Philadelphia, PA (03/13); Boston, MA (03/15); and Detroit/Pontiac (03/21). Check the shows page for the addresses. All three shows, PP is opening for Remy Zero. Source: PPF mailing list - Suzanne. Don't forget Jason on Letterman tonight.

01/30/02 - Jason on Late Night with David Letterman today on CBS, 11:35pm. Check your local listings. Jason on Comedy Central promoting Slackers when they air Rushmore @ 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern. Source: SNOWEE04 and Max Is Missing on PPF boards.

01/27/02 - Jason is in the February 2002 issue of Premiere, I have the article typed up in the press - articles section. Pictures from the magazine will be coming soon. In the last update, I said that MTV Cribs with Jason is on at 10pm...that's Eastern time. So it'll be on at 7pm on the west coast and 9pm Central. Reruns will be airing 02/01 (12pm Pacific, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern) and 02/06 (7pm Pacific, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern). Jason will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday, January 31. I have no idea what time the show is on because I don't have check your local listings. He will also be on Last Call with Carson Daly on 02/04 @ 1:35am on NBC3 (after Late Night with Conan O'Brien). Tickets for the 02/28 Glass House show are on sale here. For the 03/05 Arizona State show, it will be followed by a in-store performance at Hoodlum's (in the ASU Student Union). Source: PPF.

01/25/02 - Tickets for the Roxy show on Monday, 01/28 are now on sale here. Opening for Phantom Planet are Rilo Kiley and charlottetennessee&z. Source: Suzanne, PPF mailing list. There are a lot more show dates. Check those out. I also added the addresses to the places PP's playing. Thanks to Sophia who posted the addresses to Aron's Records, Fingerprints, and Rhino Records on the PPF boards. I wish I could go to the shows...Jason is on the current issue of Q magazine. Source: Katie on the PPF boards. Thanks to Christine who told me that Jason will be appearing on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Wednesday, 02/05. Craig Kilborn is on CBS @ 11:35pm. He will also be on MTV Cribs on Jan. 30 with Laura Prepon and Devon Sawa. Cribs is on @ 10pm. Source: Katie on the PPF boards. If you go onto and click on "Snap Shots" there are a few Phantom Planet pictures. Source: Christal on the PPF boards. The "California" video is up on! Full-length, it's a streaming video. I think that's it. Oh, thanks to all you guys who voted for my site on (the thing under these updates)!

01/22/02 - The L.A. House of Blues show/Slackers screening for Monday (01/28) has been cancelled. CANCELLED. But it's been replaced by a show at the Roxy Theatre (9009 Sunset Blvd.; Hollywood, CA). It's all ages, Phantom Planet @ 9pm and you buy tix at the door. Source: Suzanne, PPF mailing list. On Friday (01/25) Jason is calling in on the Chicago radio station, Q101, the morning show. Source: Don't forget the other radio appearances Phantom Planet/Jason's doing. Check the shows section for all the upcoming ones. The next one's on Thursday (01/24) on 99X (Atlanta, GA), a Jason appearance.

01/19/02 - Ach, I didn't get my PPF e-mail yesterday night, so I didn't know about the "California" music video to update on it! Most of you know by now, but the Phantom Planet's first music video, "California" was debuted yesterday on TV. It was MTV's Carson Daly's pick of the week on TRL. But I'm getting a copy of it, hopefully. Jason and Alex will be on MTV2 on January 26 @ 6pm. Reruns will air: 01/29 (1am), 01/30 (2pm), 01/31 (10pm), 02/01 (8am), 02/02 (9pm). I'm going to get someone to record it for me because I don't have cable. So that means that I missed the music video yesterday. Click here for an interview with Alex from There are two new SHOW DATES in SoCal. One on the 28th of February; Pomona, CA @ the Glass House. Ticket information n/a yet. The other one is on March 02; West Hollywood, CA @ the Roxy Theatre. Source: PPF. "Mother Nature's Son" is such a beautiful song. Thanks to chrissy for signing my guestbook and her nice compliments!

01/16/02 - I've been slacking off lately. On my site, I mean. I have things to update on, but I don't because I'm busy and also, lazy. But at least, it's still active as ever. For some reason my option menu up at top with the "CURRENTLY" PP stuff is going crazy on me. I can't seem to put more than 10 things on it. So there's supposed to be more stuff under "SCREEN/RADIO" but I can't update it. I'll have to figure that out. I updated the shows section so check that out, even though most of you probably already know those dates. The Puma store appearance was cancelled today. And Jason is in the February 2002 issue of Twist. Source: jessicaclaire78 of the PPF boards. I heard it wasn't worth it because it's just a picture of celebrity couples and it has him and Selma in it. No big deal. There's a lot of Phantom Planet on the radio this month. Check the "SCREEN/RADIO" option menu above. I heard "California" on Live105 this week. And my friend Nick borrowed my Guest copy and said they're "hecka good." Damn straight. Thanks very much to Genevieve for sending me a burned copy of The Guest. It's GOOD. GREAT even. SUPERB. But yeah, it's good. Oh, and thanks very much to her again for sending me the Mean Street issue with Phantom Planet in it. A scanned picture of that will be coming soon. is holding a Phantom Planet contest in which you can win The Guest and a Playstation 2. Source: e-mail from Jess and PPF. You can win tickets for the private event of the PP performance and Slackers screening in Chicago, IL on the 27th if you listen to Q101 for instructions and callings and things. My boyfriend got a puppy on Monday and it can't even go up the stairs yet. Oh so cute. Feb. 26th is rolling along quite quickly...

01/14/02 - Phantom Planet did a demo track for a bonus disc that will be with The Guest...and you've probably guessed that the bonus track is "The Guest." It's only going to be available, though with the first 65,000 shipped. Thanks to Christal of the PPF boards for posting that! "California" will be officially hitting radio stations on Friday, January 18. Request that on your local "alt-rock" stations. If you want. And the acoustic performance in the Puma store on Wednesday (01/16) is a private function. Source: Suzanne, PPF mailing list.

01/10/02 - Jason's in The Royal Tenenbaums! I don't know why I didn't notice. He's the tennis match commentator and uncredited. Jason's also in the current Premiere magazine, it has pictures and an interview from when he was in New York. Ewan McGregor and Josh Hartnett on the cover. Source: Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy on PPF boards. This is late news, but there's a review from the AHF show in Washington D.C. in September. There's another review of the House of Blues show with Pete Yorn. Source: Rachel; PPF. I also have a review of the Live EP and The Guest up in the album reviews section. And there are some TV corrections to make - Jason is going to be on The Late Show with David Letterman on 01/30/01 and Phantom Planet is going to be on on the 31st. Source: popfan11 from PPF boards. Here are some pictures from today's DC101 radio show. AND here are some very nice pictures that Brad took from the members-only show.

01/05/02 - I have a show review of the 3rd Members-Only Show from Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. <---Thanks. It's in the show reviews section. I scanned some magazine pictures today...they're in the press section. I scanned the pics from Seventeen, YM, and Harper's Bazaar. Glad I didn't pay for those magazines or else I'd be broke. I hate that Seventeen article, anyway. Great pictures, though. PP's doing 2 radio performances: 01/09 (Wednesday) and 01/11 (Friday). The one on the 9th is on Washington D.C.'sDC101 and the one on the 11th is on Philadelphia's Y100. Both at 9am with interview and a performance. Here's Epic Records' latest press release which includes PP in it. Phantom Planet's going to be featured in these publications/sites soon: Interview magazine, Spin magazine,, Salon Haircare Book & CD, and Entertainment Weekly magazine. Source: PPF.

01/04/02 - I know I said that I would have reviews up yesterday but I got lazy. Some upcoming show information is up. The Puma store performance in NYC is going to be around 7pm and the G-Mart performance is on 38 N. 3rd St. @ 8pm (Philadelphia, PA). The Metro Cafe show in Washington D.C. on 01/08 is on 1522 14th St. NW and the ph. # is 202.588.9118. Phantom Planet's perfoming at a private Levi's show on Saturday (01/05) @ an undisclosed location (hotel) in NYC at 8pm. First 10 people who e-mails Suzanne can bring a guest and get on the guest list. If she doesn't e-mail you back then you're not going because 10 people beat you to it. Source: Suzanne, PPF mailing list. I don't know if this is for fanclub members only...

01/03/02 - So the members only show was last night...and a bit of this morning. I heard it was a well performanced fucking spectac show...damn the man, I WISH I could've been there. I'll have some reviews from some people up later since I have to be going now. And my personal "about me" site is just about done and will be up later today. The music video for "California" has been edited and will be sent to sucky MTV...I don't know when. Why MTV?

01/01/02 - Happy New Year's! The countdown is over. The Puma store that Phantom Planet will be performing at on the 16th of this month is on 521 Broadway, NYC. Zip code: 10012. Thanks to Blaire and YourWeakness for both posting the address on the PPF boards. I know I said that I'd get an "about me" page up but I haven't even started workin' on it. But I started...then I realized that I had a hankering to make a layout. But I didn't want to make a layout for nothing so I decided to make the layout for my "about me" page. It'll be up...I don't know when.