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October 2001 Updates

10/31/01 - Happy Halloween! The new, public, studio release album, Phantom Planet Was Here is officially set for a release date of February 26, 2002! And Donnie Darko was great. Officially now one of my favorite movies. There are two new PP related Yahoo! Clubs. This time it's for Darren and Jacques: Darren Phans and Jacques Brautbar. Both are on the links page now and I already joined.

10/26/01 - Phantom Planet's AHF tour ended. And they're going on another tour with Flickerstick starting Nov. 06 and a tour with Pete Yorn starting Dec. 02. Source: PPF. Most of you probably already know that. But the dates are in the shows page. Click here. It's a picture of Alex in Donnie Darko. Thanks to Marcus for that. Me and my brother are going to watch that this weekend.

10/24/01 - Thanks sooooooooooo much to Francis for signing the guestbook and informing me and anyone who reads the guestbook[ha] of this: Phantom Planet'll be playing at UC Berkeley at noon, Tuesday October 30. They may be playing on lower sproul [they played there in '99]. Thanks so much, Francis!!

10/22/01 - Live versions of "By My Side" and "Wishing Well" added to the myplay account; Studio version of "Yakety Yak" added, too. E-mail address and password can be found in the sounds page. "Gossip On The Strokes, Beck, X, Hanson, Hole, Bush, Phantom Planet Oct 19, 2001 - The Strokes, this year's big buzz band and from New York no less, was the big hipster draw Thursday (Oct. 18) night at the Palace in Los Angeles. Checking out the show -- aside from every bigwig in the music industry -- were Beck (with a lovely blonde by his side), Bush's Nigel Pulsford, Hole's Eric Erlandson, X's John Doe, Hanson's middle brother, Taylor, and Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald." Source: cdnow. Whoopty-doo.

10/21/01 - This is oh so super-duper here. I got this from Sam from the PPF message boards. Not Sam from Phantom Planet. If you go to Epic Records' label site, in the top left corner there's a picture of the cover of the PP EP and it says "artist on the rise Phantom Planet". That link takes you to this page. The new album's called "Phantom Planet Was Here"! I already knew that but now everybody knows that. You can listen to the full-length California! Oh so super-duper. Thanks to Sam. From the PP message boards. Oh, and I uploaded a live version of "Nobody's Fault" into the myplay account. I know I said I already did but it didn't work but now it does. And the mp3s should work in downloading. Go to the sounds page for the e-mail address and password to use.

10/20/01 - Phantom Planet's going to go on tour again after their current one with American Hi-Fi. It's going to be with Flickerstick. Source: PPF. I hope they come to the bay area on the weekend or something. I don't know how to fix the myplay downloading thing. I try to upload some songs but it always says that my session timed out. Can someone try downloading a song from the account and telling me if it's okay or not? please. thank you.

10/16/01 - Apparently there's something wrong with the myplay account. I'll try to fix it later today after school. Thanks to Kelly who signed my guestbook and told me of that!

10/15/01 - Whoever's going to the show on Halloween in San Francisco HAS to write a show review for me. Please? It's the show with Tenacious D. I oh so wish I could go. Phantom Planet and Tenacious D? Say it ain't so. Jack Black is so awesome. That should be a great great show so please someone write a show review for me. And the upcoming Weezer tour is with the opening bands Jimmy Eat World and Tenacious D. Arg, I can't go to that either. I heard the San Jose show might be sold out already. Anyway, I uploaded some more mp3s to my sounds thing. So check those out. Go to and log in. I made this account specifically for any Phantom Planet phan. The mp3s I added today are the Get Real clips of "Fine On My Own" and "Good Time," the acoustic live version of "In Our Darkest Hour" and a live "Nobody's Fault" (not from EP). The e-mail address is and the password is phantomplanet Once you log in, click on the black "My LOCKER" button or click on LOCKER. Pick a song and click on the gray "DOWNLOAD" button. Please don't mess around with the passoword or e-mail address. I tried every account possible to get mp3s on and this one's good and I don't want anyone thinking they're funny by changing the e-mail address or password. Oh, and people have been signing my guestbook! It makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

10/11/01 - Sessions - WDST 100.1 Radio Woodstock, NY. 7pm Pacific, 10pm East Coast. I listened, it was awesome, here's the set list: Shadows; Please Apply Yourself to Me Sweetly; Hey Now, Girl; The Guest; Always On My Mind; In Our Darkest Hour; Nobody's Fault; Wishing Well; California; and All Over Again. I got disconnected during "The Guest"!! I like that song very much. It sucked. Getting disconnected, I mean.

10/09/01 - Happy 22nd birthday to Phantom Planet guitarist, Alex Greenwald! Send him a birthday e-mail

10/07/01 - I passed out yesterday morning and got chased down the street by a big dog at 2am this morning. It was scary. Anyway, PP taped a Sessions show for WDST and it's going to air on Thursday, October 11 at 10pm. I'm assuming it's 10pm in New York so it's going to be 7pm over on the West Coast? I'm pretty sure that's the way it goes. Listen to it on the WDST site. This is from the site: "Hey!!! Phantom Planet rocked the WDST Soundstage Oct. 3rd. We have pictures to prove it and as soon as I learn how to upload the digital pictures they'll be here on this page. Phantom Planet taped a Sessions show for us and that's gonna air Thursday Oct.11 at 10pm." Source: PPF.

10/06/01 - Jason's going to be in Premiere magazine. I don't know when though. I just read it in the Tour Diaries (PPF). Blaire wrote me a show review of the Trocadero show in Philadelphia from 09/28. Read it. And I also found out that the Donnie Darko site is up and running. I went to it and it's very interesting. I recommend going there. But I couldn't find anything on Alex's character, however, I didn't go on the site for too long. This isn't really Phantom Planet news, but the Rushmore soundtrack is #84 for Entertainment Weekly's Best 100 Soundtrack list. Rad to the max soundtrack. And as for upcoming site news, there's going to be some new mp3s and some new pictures. The October 17th show in Arizona has been changed from Scottsdale to Phoenix, AZ. Some of you may already know that. The venue is the Mason Jar. Ticketmaster has tickets.

10/03/01 - I went online this morning and went to and they updated on: Phantom Planet was on live on WDST Radio Woodstock 100.1 THIS MORNING AT 9:30am. I tried and tried to log into my Tripod account to update on it before I went to school, but stupid-ass Tripod wasn't working. So if you went here before 9:30am and didn't go to the official PP site yesterday or today and didn't know about the radio thing, sorry for not being able to update on it. But I may be able to get some insight on the Phantom Planet performance on the radio.