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November 2001 Updates

11/30/01 cont. (2nd update) - GO HERE. This makes me erg! mad. "but phantom planet is one of the worst bands i have EVER seen. there are like, five guitarists or something (what the hell??) and that annoying gap model is the singer." "i know a couple of kids who used to go to parties thrown by the phantom planet members, and they all say the same thing... 'i only went there for the free drinks!' apparently theyre all so. cali rich kids. hmmm.... i hope jason sticks to acting."[YelloKitty] This isn't much of an update, but it makes me mad! People are entitled for their own opinion, but doesn't it make you mad? It DOES. Catherine sent me the link.

11/30/01 - This is semi-late news but there's a NY show tomorrow (Saturday, 12/01/01) at The Continental. To save you some time of looking in the shows page the address is 212 Franklin; Buffalo, NY 14202; Tel: 716.842.1292. Source: PPF. Tomorrow's December. Wow, Christmas is coming fast. This school year is going by pretty fast. I wish Channel 15 worked on my TV so I could watch that PP interview on the 3rd. I've noticed that people at school come to me to talk about Weezer. Some of them are people I don't even know. Somehow I've got some stupid, emo girl reputation. Bah. I'm talking rubbish now.

11/28/01 cont. (2nd update) - Ooh, no wait! I JUST found something that wasn't on the current news on PPF. I like it when I update on things that aren't on the official site. It makes me feel warm and special. Yes, I'm a dork.

In early 2001, PHANTOM PLANET began recording PHANTOM PLANET WAS HERE with Producers Mitchell Froom (Tom Waits, Crowded House, Cibo Matto, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney) and Tchad Blake (Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, and Sheryl Crow). The pairing of thes veteran producers with the energy of PHANTOM PLANET has resulted in an album that is a collision of youth and melody set to a soundtrack of contemporary guitars and atmospheric samplers. This is immediately evident on the album's undeniably contagious opening track "California" with its road weary verse and fist pounding chorus. have a listen, and look for Phantom Planet on tour now in the US, and PHANTOM PLANET WAS HERE to arrive in stores February, 2002."

And then you can listen to "California" in streaming Quicktime but they already had this available when they were the "artist on the rise." "'California' is the first single off Phantom Planet's forthcoming album The Guest." Didn't Epic just call it "Was Here" and then call it "The Guest"? I'm sorry, I never really liked Epic. Source: Epic Recs - New Music Mondays.

11/28/01 - I am so biting off everything today off of PPF. So sorry if you came here for a repeat - PP played w/ Highway 9 today in NYC. Not news, but the first show after the Flickerstick show ended. If you live in San Jose[!] and Campbell, at 5:30pm December 3 (Monday), there's going to be an interview w/ PP on the PeepShow which was recorded at the Slim's show in SF w/ Flickerstick. Source: PPF. I just checked less than 10 minutes ago for channel 15 on my TV, and all I get is f*cking snow. I'm going to ask my friends tomorrow about channel effing 15. Oh yeah! Thanks to Katie who wished me a happy b-day in my gbook. No thanks to my parents who FORGOT my birthday on Monday. I can't believe that...

11/25/01 - One link is added! - it's called A Tyranny of Words. And my birthday's tomorrow.

11/24/01 - I have my show review of Wednesday in the shows page. So read it if you want to. It's kinda short since I'm pretty lazy right now. A dude named Larry (PPF #0548) wrote about Phantom Planet in his school newspaper. Source: PPF.

11/22/01 - Happy Thanksgiving! I've got to go to my aunt's house very soon. A PP article and tour diary entry will be in an upcoming Details magazine. Source: PPF. I SAW PP YESTERDAY IN SAN FRANCISCO. IT WAS AMAZING. SHOW REVIEW LATER WHEN I COME HOME FROM THANKSGIVING! But one of the highlights of the night was seeing my best buddy again after a long while. Oh, and thanks so much for Tatiana for telling me that deleted my account!!!! Erg, that pissed me off. I'm going to make another account and just upload like hell again. And the first song I'll upload will be "The Guest."

11/20/01 - Apparently nobody wants to sign my guestbook. That's okay because I get to see Phantom Planet tomorrow. In San Francisco. EXCITEMENT! My brother's sick and he's going with us...I feel sorry for him...I have semi-late news because I couldn't log into my account [yet again]. Tickets for the Pete Yorn/Remy Zero/PP show at the House of Blues in Hollywood just went on sale; the onlne sale began yesterday morning at 10am (Ticketmaster). PP's looking to book some local all-ages shows in New York City 'cause they'll have some time on their hands when they're there (which would be the 28th of Nov.). If you live in NYC, suggest some venues to Suzanne. 3rd Members Only Show is scheduled between X-Mas and New Year's. L.A., CA (of course). Source: Suzanne (PPF mailing list). Thanks to genlovesmichael for this bit of album title information! She saw flyers in San Diego at the PP show in Cane's that apparently said "'Phantom Planet - The Guest' Coming February 2002." I still liked "Was Here"...There's an eBay PP item for the "Was Here" CD. What?! <---Kyra posted on that. Source: PPF message boards.

11/17/01 - I added a live version of "The Guest" to the sounds. Again, you go to E-mail is and password is phantomplanet . Click on "MY LOCKER." Ta-da! I think you already know that by now. Phantom Planet's cover of "Somebody's Baby" will be feature on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack, released December 4. "California" will be featured on the Orange County soundtrack, released early 2002. Click here for a thing about PP in the SF Warfield show on Halloween. Source: PPF. There's new tour mechandise! With yet another new logo! I liked the loopy P. I hope they didn't do away with that. Of course they didn't. Sign the new guestbook please.

11/16/01 - Click here to view Jason's interview with Pete Yorn that was on HBO's Reverb on the 14th. Scroll down a wee bit to Pete Yorn and click on "video interview." Thanks to PPF webmaster Anne for posting a message on the boards for that. While you're there, check out Weezer's video clip. They're playing a song called "Faith in the Light." I like it. But then again, I'm a big =w= fan. Wearing my Weez pride right now. So if you dislike Weezer with a passion, don't click on it. I'm going to the PP show next week on Wednesday! SF! Hope to see you there! This makes me happy. I have a new guestbook because my old one isn't working. At least it's not on my computer. So please sign the new guestbook. I'm going to change the look of that soon. But please sign!

11/15/01 - The show tomorrow in Orangevale (Sacramento) with Flickerstick has been cancelled. I have a stomach ache and I'll update some more later. Maybe.

11/12/01 - Hey, I can log into my account now! I can work on my site directly! It wasn't Tripod who was f*cking up, it was my ISP. I'm sorry, Tripod. Rhonda let me use her PP show pics. Thanks much to Rhonda! Click here to view them. They're from 11/08/01, Houston, TX, Numbers. "What the hell?" is going to be starting again soon, it's been down for a while. I'm going to conjure up a new picture for it and a new title because I don't want to call it WTH anymore. And for those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, you'll find out when it's up because I'm too damn lazy to explain right now.

11/10/01 - I'm probably not going to be able to update when I want to because the f*cking Tripod page isn't working for me. Catherine is actually pasting this update into my account right now. Good 'ol Catherine. It seems the information about the album title not being called "Was Here" anymore was right. It got changed after the advanced promo copies came out. The only people who know about the new title are probably the people who have weird connections to PP and the manager, techs, and whatnot. Roman Coppola's going to be the director for the first PP music video and it's going to be filmed when the Pete Yorn tour is over. Source: Suzanne on the PPF message boards. For the current Flickerstick tour, there's also Rubyhorse playing. And for the later Pete Yorn tour, there's also Remy Zero. Jason did a photo shoot for Premiere magazine while the band was in New York City. I have no idea for which issue it's coming out on. And when they were in San Francisco, they did a photo shoot for Teen Vogue magazine. Teen Vogue??!! Crap. Teeny girl mags. Souce: Band in the USA issue #11. And there's going to be a members-only show this year. It's going to be in late December. Enjoy you stupid L.A.-ians. I'm just joking. You're not stupid, you're uber-stupid. Ha, I'm just joking again. Well, enjoy it this year. I hope they make another video. Turn your TV on on November 14th to HBO's Reverb (episode 53). Jason interviewed Pete Yorn. Source: PPF. There's new tour merch. I want the patch and the pins. I already posted a message on the boards to see if anyone's willing to buy them for me (I will be paying of course). But if anyone's willing to, e-mail me please. I'll try hard to get the mad scrilla out to you quick. Thanks so much to Cristina who wrote me a show review of the Halloween show. It's right here. Thanks to Cristina! Those are some vulgar words from the Tenacious D fans. I'm not surprised. I very much hope so that Tripod will be working for me soon. Stupid f*cking Tripod. Just in case it doesn't, I want you to know that I love you all. Haha. Really, I do. Sign the guestbook and turn in those album reviews.

11/05/01 - I heard that the new album isn't going to be called "Was Here" anymore. Sucks. Send in an album review.

11/04/01 - I meant to update some more yesterday but I didn't have the time. TT let me use her 3 PP pics! They're from the 10/09/01 show: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3. The first one is of PP and TT and her friends. The second is of the show and the third is TT, her friend and Sam. Thanks to TT for those! There's a new link Phantom Planet fansite up! I visited and I enjoyed it: The Setting Star.

11/03/01 - 2 new Yahoo! Clubs. Heavy D and Phans of Sam Farrar. Go join. Some new tour dates are added. Go to the shows page for that. One on the 28th of November in New York, NY (that means the other 12/28 show of the Flickerstick tour is not happening), the 12/04 Pete Yorn show isn't happening either, and 2 December Pete Yorn shows (18th & 19th) are added. Both in Los Angeles. That's all the updates I have for now. But I probably will be updating later about pictures or more mp3s or something. And I got the Criterion Collection DVD of Rushmore. My favorite movie. I watched the interviews and everything. It was great. The auditions were painful to watch, though. I'm planning to get The Goonies DVD. And watching Donnie Darko again. After Shallow Hal. Oh, ya, you can now submit your own review of Phantom Planet Is Missing and/or Polaroid. In the menu at the right, click on "album reviews" under the music section. Please.