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5/29/01 - Tickets are now available for the June 15th show through Ticketmaster.

5/28/01 cont. - I forgot to mention before that Kim sent me some additions for the KUCI transcript! t.h.a.n.k.s. Kim!

5/28/01 - Added two new entries to "what the hell?" Thanks mucho to Alexandra and karen. I also made a new section to the site...Sounds! There's just going to be live songs there for now...and I only have "A Tyranny of Words" there right now but I'll add some more [hopefully] soon. Oh, and I played pool for the very first time on Saturday with my brother and I ain't half bad.

5/23/01 - More show information. Be sure to check that out if you're planning to go to a show. And a little bird told me that the person who was talking in the radio appearance on Sunday that I didn't know who, was Jacques. So I changed my transcription of it. You can view it again if you skim through the last update. Oh, and I added one entry in "what the hell?" Thanks very much to Karen!

5/21/01 - I changed the picture for what the hell? so if you will, send in something, please. And I finally put up the band pictures, there are 4 pages! I'll get to the member pictures later on. I also listened to the Phantom Planet radio appearance on KUCI yesterday morning and it was awesome! They talked/got interviewed and played a few songs ("Hey Now, Girl;" "One Ray of Sunlight;" "Anthem;" Radiohead covers; and "California!"). It was awesome because I never get to go to a PP show so this was my chance to hear them really live and talk and stuff. I have a transcript that I did myself but I only did it up until the first break. I'll do the rest sometime later but I can only tell Alex's and Jason's voice (sorry!). I couldn't tell the other guys! But one of my favorite parts of the show was when Alex's mom called on his phone unexpectedly and the radio had to go to song! Poor Alex.

5/14/01 - I had to change my counter again because the other one wasn't working!! Those damn counters never work for me! But this one seems to work, so let's hope it stays that way. Anyway, Jason is away (in Eugene, Oregon) working on a movie, so for the May show dates Ned Brower from Rooney is substituting. I'm guessing Jason is working on Spun because I just recently heard of that one. According to it's about "an American Trainspotting set in Eugene, Oregon, this is the story of a young speed freak (Schwartzman) who is introduced by his dealer (Leguizamo) to the creator which leads to a three-day drugged-out adventure...(Murphy and Suvari play the girlfriends of Rourke and Leguizamo, respectively; Fugit plays another speed freak)." Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Patrick Fugi, John Leguizamo, Brittany Murphy, Mickey Rourke, Peter Stormare, Mena Suvari.

5/13/01 - Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a good time with your mom today. If you didn't notice already (from the shows section or, in a previous update I said that the radio appearance was today, the 13th of May. But I didn't realize that Phantom Planet's appearance on KUCI is on the 20th of May instead of today. I even put it in the shows section of the site and didn't realize I put 20th, not the 13th. So the radio appearance is on the 20th. I hope I didn't confuse anybody. I flipped through the recent issue of YM when I was in the mall yesterday, looking for the small picture of Jason and it's not anything worth buying the whole magazine for. It's not an article or anything, it's just the July calendar. They mention that Jason's birthday is on the 26th of July. That is all.

5/12/01 - Shows information added. Source: PPF

5/10/01 - There are 5 new shows! Too bad I won't be able to go to any of them...that really sucks. If anyone out there is going there that also happens to visit this site, it'd be rad if you could send me a show review.

5/07/01 - I haven't seen it but freeningforjason of the Y! PP Club says that there's a small picture of Jason in the new YM. So thanks to freeningforjason for that bit 'o info. On Sunday, May 13, Phantom Planet will be live in-studio with the DJ, Rachel of the KUCI show Quantum Foam airing from 10am to 12pm (Pacific time). Source/credits to: phantomprincess01 of the Y! PP Club (thanks very much!!). You don't have to live in Orange County to hear it. You can listen to Quantum Foam online at, click on "KUCI Online Radio Help" from the drop-down navigation menu. Winamp 2.0 or higher is required to listen. I hope I don't have to go anywhere that day.

5/02/01 - Happy May! Well, the first of May was yesterday but I had nothing to update on yesterday so I said it today. New month means new site of the month. Last Glance is the site of the month for the month of May. 'Cause she's got oh-so-snazzy concert pics. And I've decided that some time in the hopefully near future, I'll work on getting the pictures back up...and the rest of the lyrics...and get what the hell going on again...and discographies...and filmographies...and some other monkey doodle.