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3/29/01 - For those of you in the fanclub, the 2nd Annual Members-Only Show video will be shipped out in 3 days and the spring issue of "Band in the USA" is out. And for those of you not in the fanclub, when I get my "Band in the USA," some snippets of this and that from it will be updated. The Phantom Planet gig on the 21st of April will be performed with Rilo Kiley and Rooney. The show information is in the "shows" section. I will be changing the WTH pic soon. I've been busy lately. That is all. Oh, and please sign the guestbook. I don't think anyone signed it this month...

3/23/01 - I haven't updated in exactly a week. Nothing much has happened lately with Phantom Planet, but they've finished recording and are now working on the album artwork and mastering. And two more entries have been added to "what the hell." I thought that the person who had sent those last two entries to me was f*cking with me because in my e-mail account, it was my name in the "from" part and the person had put down my e-mail address as theirs. So I was like, wtf? But then I tested it out on my form, and as it just turns out, the person just didn't submit their name and e-mail. What is so effing hard about putting down your first name? It's not like I'm going to freak out because your name is Bob or something or other. And another thing, another person who has his or her entry on "what the hell" put their name as "anonymous" at What's up with this, too??? Yay, Jacques sent a reply to the PP fan-ed-signed birthday card thing! "Thank you all for the birthday card. It makse me happy to know that you guys are out there. I hope to see you at a show matter where you might live. jacques" I thought he'd never reply but he did, so yay! Wow, I have online mood swings.

3/16/01 - I just read Suzanne's recording diary on the PPF site and she said that there is 1 1/2 days are left in the studio! And that was said on the 14th so this is probably the last day for them. I wonder when it'll be released. In other [site] news, "what the hell" now has 4 entries in there and from those 4, constipation seems to rule this time around for "what the hell." That's all for today, and I seriously NEED to work on the pictures, and I like Dropkick Murphys. I mentioned that because they are a rad band that are Irish and tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. So happy early St. Patrick's Day!

3/15/01 - Yesterday, it was Jacques' 22nd birthday! Happy birthday, Jacques! I sent the card thing to him via e-mail yesterday and I also sent it to Suzanne via e-mail just in case it doesn't reach Jacques.

3/12/01 cont. - "What the hell?" is now up! The link is to the right with all the other site section links.

3/12/01 - Mixing has begun on the upcoming album! So Alex started experimenting with possible album titles and pictures/artwork for the album. Hmmm...that's about it for today but I will update later today because I've decided to bring back "What the hell?" today. Yay. Oh, and while Alex was experimenting he found a site:

3/07/01 - There's a show on April 21 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. Tickets gon on sale Thursday March 8 at 10am ( Source: sffreak12 of the Y! PP Club and And this week is the sixth week of PP recording their album.

3/05/01 - Wow. I haven't updated in a bit. Considering the fact that I update a lot. I added a few more songs to new album songs. PP's almost done! Just one more song to go. And the songs that I have listed on the album songs section, is just the songs that Suzanne have put in her recording diary. But there are a few that are not on the displayed list. And I'm working on bringing back "what the hell?" So be glad. Or at least some of you that participated last time. You know what I've noticed a while ago? I found out and got interested about Phantom Planet the summer of 1999. They didn't do ANYthing for a long while between '99 and the middle of '00 or so. But me and my best friend (who also found out about them at the same time because I told her) stayed interested in PP. If it was with another band, we'd probably have lost interest and dropped them. What's so different about PP? All I could come up with was that they were damn good. Oh, and this month's SOTM is Asteroid G (creator=kim). There's some PP reviews of when they played at PP. Here's the bad one and here's the good one. Source: phantomprincess01 of the Y! PP Club.