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6/28/01 - I'd be eternally grateful if someone who went to the show/birthday party at the Viper Room on the 26th would take some time to write a show review for the site/me. Tomorrow's the 29th of June and that means it's Sam's 23rd birthday! Wish him a happy birthday tomorrow! I found this on CDNow's "miss truth":

Gossip On Phantom Planet, Flickerstick
June 28, 2001, 10:50 am PT
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"Fun was had by all at the Viper Room in L.A. Tuesday (June 26) night when the boys of Flickerstick, from VH1's Bands on the Run, showed up for Phantom Planet's show/21st birthday party for PP drummer Jason Schwartzman (a.k.a., famed actor from Rushmore).

To celebrate, they sang "Happy Birthday," of course, and then treated the crowd to a few Weezer songs. With Phantom Planet lead singer Alex Greenwald switching places with Jason on drums, the group burst into pretty decent renditions of Weezer's "Hash Pipe" and "El Scorcho." The Weezer covers even drew Flickerstick's Rex "El Dangeroso" Ewing to the fron of the stage to rock out and flash the occasional rock/devil horns.

Phantom Planet recently finished recording its second album for Epic Records with Mitchell Froom and Tchad Black producing. The group's debut album, Phantom Planet Is Missing, was released in 1998 on Geffen. Flickerstick, currently exploring its options, played an amazing set earlier in the evening at the Roxy."

6/27/01 cont. - Live mp3s of "Do the Panic" and "She is Always On My Mind" are both up for download by request in sounds. Enjoy and please sign the guestbook!

6/27/01 - I couldn't log into my Tripod account at all yesterday!! It made me so f*cking mad. But it let me log in today and I started working on some stuff. But I have to go somewhere soon so I'll just say right now that there are some new show dates are up right now. And when I get back in a while or so, I'll add some requested live mp3s to the sounds page. Oh, and since I couldn't log in today, I couldn't wish Jason a happy 21st birthday! So happy [belated by 1 day] birthday, Jason! And hope all of you 21 yrs and uppers had a super time at the show yesterday!

6/25/01 cont. - Here is a small, quick show review from Gilbert: "From the moment Phantom Planet took the stage after The Nuckle Brothers at The House of Blues in Anaheim, i went into a trance! When Alex sang the first song, i was mezmerized by his lyrics, and the sounds of the guitars! He showed so much emotion when he sang, and it was as if i was feeling every song, the way he wrote them! When he would close his eyes, you can see how much he was singing from his heart! All i could remember was the the way all the songs sounded so good to me! It was my first Phantom Planet show, and I liked what i heard and saw! The crowd was also feeling it too! At the end of the set, the crowd gave them a good applause!! After they left the stage, i knew i would have to see them live again! Phantom Planet is truly a remarkable band!" For Tuesday, June 26th's show, tickets are $10 at the door ONLY. Source: PPF. I also put up some new live mp3s, although I don't remember which new ones I put up...I put them up a few days ago...There are two new what the hell? entries. Thanks to mandy and David for those!! And thanks to Lauren who signed the guestbook!!! Alright, first one this month! All you people out the same. [please]. Jason's 21st birthday is tomorrow!

6/25/01 - There is a [might i add, awesome] interview with Phantom Planet here. Source: PPF. Very nice pictures, too. I'll add them to the pics archive next time I'm online which'll only be a couple hours because I've got a few things I need to do right now and I'm trying to rush this whole update...I'll update some more in later today!

6/18/01 -
Those are two new posters available right now on (it's only available for fanclubbers though). I'm sending my payment for the second one tomorrow! Also, there's a new shirt up and I'm going to buy that one too as soon as I find $17. Damn, why do they have to be so expensive?? I added Sam pictures. And I changed the what the hell? picture. Thanks to Karen, Alexandra, and Tatiana for sending in their thoughts for the last one! Please continue to do so. My site hit 6000! Thanks to all of you who take a few minutes to visit my [crappy] site! Oh, and also on it says "Phantom Planet recently finished recording their second album with producers Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake. Look for their Epic Records debut release in stores soon!" Apparently soon to them is next year...I have a show review of the Summerfest IV show from Gilbert but I'm too lazy right now to post it. Next time I will. I'm also working on uploading some more live mp3s.

Phantom Planet is cool.

6/13/01 - One new entry in what the hell?. Thanks Tatiana! I'm working on getting some more pictures up and when my brother shows me how to take a picture off the TV, I'll have pictures of the members show video which I got a couple of weeks ago and it's awesome! I love how they play and just rock out.

6/12/01 - Vote for Jason as Best Dressed Male for a online poll. And Alex, Jacques, and Sam are doing back up vocals for Amanda Ghost.

6/11/01 - Click here to view an interview with Jason and MTV's Real World's Melissa at the Movie Awards.

6/08/01 cont - Before I leave for San Francisco early tomorrow morning I'd like to update on a small Jason Schwartzman/Phantom Planet article that I found in the June 15, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly (issue #600 - Angelina Jolie on cover). There's a picture but it's just a drawing of Jason as Max Fischer. It'll be up soon and whatnot.

Pg. 88 - Hear & Now (This Weekend on the music beat) by Rob Brunner
"PLANET AHEAD As most fans of Rushmore know, the cult film's star Jason Schwartzman drummed in a band called Phantom Planet, which released an unheralded album on Geffen in 1998. It turns out Phantom Planet are still around and have a still-untitled album due this fall on Epic. Produced by Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake, the hooky alt-pop disc is a major artistic step forward. Spike Jonze, who's married ot Schwartzman's cousin Sofia Coppola, is already on board to direct a video for the first single. "We're thinking 'classic, sexy Roxy Music, Rolling Stones, All-Star Converse one-stars,'" says Schwartzman, who's currently shooting Spun with Mickey Rourke. "That's my vibe right now." So why is he still pounding skins when his acting career is taking off? 'Rock is f---ing awesome,' he says. 'If you can do both, why not?' Max Fischer couldn't have put it any better."

My comments: Why does it say he drummed for Phantom Planet, it's not an untitled-album, it's not due this fall, and why does it say Max Fischer at the end? Ooh, and I wanted to say that I e-mailed a bunch of magazines a couple of months ago asking if they could do a bit o something on Phantom Planet and Entertainment Weekly was one of the mags to reply! But they never told me which issue they would put it in but they put it in this one!

6/08/01 - Tomorrow (Saturday, June 9)'s show is sold out but the first 20 people who e-mail Suzanne will be put onto the guest list. Source: PPF. Wanna hear something that completely sucks? Phantom Planet's new CD is not coming out this year! The August release date has been pushed back to next year. January/February of next year to be semi-exact. They hope to prepare promotions for the album and make music videos for whatever the single is. They'll still be going on a summer tour and very possibly outside of California. If you want to go to the Roxy June 15 show then it'd be best if you buy your ticket in advance because it's going to sell out. Suzanne says there's going to be a surprise there and that sucks for me because I won't be there. But if you visit this site and will be going to that show, I'd love you forever if you'd send me a show review of it.

6/06/01 - I'm afraid for my grade in Spanish class. I've had so many 0's on assignments...if only Nick (my buddy ol pal) wasn't in such an angry, bad mood today...Anyway, Barbie on Peace & Quiet has the KUCI transcript. There may be some mistakes and whatnot. There's a new show date on Tuesday, June 26 at the Viper Room for Jason's birthday! I wanna go. And if you have tried to sign up for the street team for the last couple of days, try again because there was some kind of error. Source: PPF. Does anyone have any pictures they took at any recent Phantom Planet shows? If so and you're willing to, e-mail me with them and if any of you can, please send me a show review, too. It'd be nice to have that kind of stuff on the site. [[I need to change the wth picture]]

6/05/01 - Peace & Quiet is the SOTM for the month of June. I talked to Suzanne on AIM yesterday and asked her about the new clothing merchandise. The shirt with the lego and the shirt with the 5 PP logo heads on bathroom men will be available at the Roxy show on the 15th of June. They're going to be available in adult size (which sucks for me because I wanted the lego one and I'm little). Those two shirts are going to be available online by the end of June with another shirt: the gray star one. That's going to be available in youth sizes. But I'd prefer the lego one...So that's the stuff on the merchandise. In other PP news...Phantom Planet is schelduled to play at 4pm at the CSU Stanislaus show this Saturday but they only get 10 f*cking minutes! That's very little so send some e-mail to get PP some more time. And this summer, and will become one site. E-mail Suzanne to tell here what you want on the current site. Source: Suzanne

6/02/01 - Happy June! 9 more days of school (at least for me)! I added two more live songs in sounds. Peace & Quiet and Anthem. Hopefully I'll have some of the songs in wav format for those of you who don't have an mp3 player and can't download it for whatever reason. If anyone can send me a recent show review, e-mail me.