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July 2001 Updates

7/28/01 - Charlotte! Charlotte = cool chick, online friend, PP buddy. She wrote me a show review of the 07/26/01 Troubadour show! She also has the review up on her diary [there's a link to it if you click on "Charlotte" the start of this update. But thanks mucho to her on that. And I'm heading to L.A. tomorrow for a kinda summer vacation thing. And damn my luck, the week I'm in L.A. is the week there are no f*cking Phantom Planet shows!!! Cruel fate, why must you mock me?? Dammit!! But I'll be coming back the 1st of August and I oh so hope my dad drives us back earlier than 4pm for the online PP chat! Pray for me, people! And I heard people haven't been visiting my site lately. I don't blame them, but people coming to my site is what makes me update. Believe it or not, I need people to come visit. And sign the guestbook.

7/25/01 - Click here! Phantom Planet are going to be doing an online guest chat there on August 1, 7pm EST [4pm pacific]. I have no idea why it's

7/23/01 - Click on the thumbnail to view the larger version. Funny pictures!! I got them from Charlotte and her friend Tennessee drew them! Thanks to Charlotte and a very big thanks to Tennessee! Alex looks hilarious in the third one. PP news for a while...which kinda sucks. And I'm trying to get another sounds page going to upload some more mp3s. And I'm thinking of changing the layout! That's right, a new layout! I'm not sure how long I've had this one...anyway, vote for the Live EP Recording Song on, Robert Schwartzman's in The Princess Diaries, sign the guestbook, go to the PP shows, and keep listening to PP. You know I will.

7/17/01 - Scary Movie 2 sucks. But then again, I didn't like the first one. Damn you, Adam, you said it was good! Anyway, nobody reading this knows who Adam is so I don't know what the point of that was. Phantom Planet'll be playing at the CMJ Music Marthon festival in New York City in September. If you want to attend the festival and have some registration information, click here. Source: PPF. Damn, and I'm going to be in New York for a week next month for family vacation and Phantom Planet'll be there in September!! I have the worst luck. In 11 more days, it'll only be a month until school starts for me again. That majorly sucks. But at least I'll get to see my friends again! I saw Adam and Katrin today and that was nice. But once again, no one [reading this] knows who they are and I'm just rambling on so I'll stop. This was a nice update, eh? Yeah, whatever. Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, Angelfire deleted my sounds page because it was just mp3s and apparently, that isn't allowed. So I'm looking around for another host. So hang tight for the sounds.

7/16/01 - New show dates are added! All in California. The July 26 show at the Troubadour will be recorded for a live EP release on Epic Records! And it's gonna be released this year! Thank God, something's going to be released this year from Phantom Planet. It's only going to be about 4 songs ['cause it's an EP]. Tickets are $8 at the door for this show but they are planning to get discounts for club memebers or a club-memeber only guest list. The next two PP shows [July 19 & 26] will have a donation box for the fan club at the merchandise booth. So donate a buck or two. Or an "unwanted sheet of 1 cent postage stamps." Source: PPF & Suzanne [fan club emails]

7/14/01 - Phantom Planet are gonna do some show(s) in San Francisco! Early August. And according to Suzanne, they're going to try to stop by Modesto on the way. And they're planning on having "fan club meet and greets." and is beginning to mush together into one site. And also according to Suzanne, Epic Records has an awesome project going for PP and they think that they should include the fan club. In August and/or whatnot. The fan club's running low on scrilla! Money, that is. So donate a buck or two. Source: Suzanne [fan club e-mails]

7/13/01 -
I finally got to scan some magazine pics! So click on the thumbnails to view the larger version. The first one was from issue #600 of Entertainment Weekly, the second one is from the current issue of Jane [says "300 celebs" in red on the cover] magazine. It's a close-up pic of Alex [PP, of course] and Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. The third pic is just the picture without the rest of the page. Click here to view the caption in the Jane picture if you can't read it. I added "The 'In' Crowd" to sounds. Clips from when they performed on "Get Real" [1999] will be up soon! Thanks to gilbert, nicole, and obiwan08 for signing the guestbook!

7/07/01 - I read on a post by comfortablynumb82 on the Yahoo! Phantom Planet Club that there's a picture of Alex in the current issue of Jane magazine. And a picture Jason took of Selma Blair. Thanks to comfortablynumb82!

7/06/01 - Two new show dates are added. One is on the 19th of July [Thursday] in the House of Blues [Anaheim, CA] with Something Corporate. The other one is on the 20th of September and is in the Key Club [West Hollywood, CA] with Remy Zero.

7/05/01 - It was Sam's 23rd birthday on the 29th of June! I didn't have time to update on it but I did wish him a happy birthday on the site. I'm going to change the "what the hell?" picture sometime soon since nobody's submitting any more entries...I added "After Show Banter" [which is just the band talking after a show, not a song] and "This Heart of Mine" to sounds. L.A. Sugar is the Site of the Month for July 'cause it's special and unique that they have PP fans' as members on their site. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence was creepy. But good. People in Arizona - are lucky bastards so have fun at the show tomorrow!