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1/31/01 - There's a punk show this Friday and I can't go. Ah, well. I really want to go but better luck next time, I guess. So there's a feature in the March 2001 issue of Spin magazine. I'm not sure if it's Phantom Planet or just Jason. Source: newjackrockstar of the Yahoo! PP Club. Anyway, I hear it's worth buying. So run to the store and get one! I'll possibly buy it this Friday (since there's free time for me because my punk plans are ruined) and my scanner's working! so I'll have pictures. And I'll possibly have pictures of myself, too in an "about me" page. Yippee.

1/29/01 - Phantom Planet's recording today! Pre-production is done and PP's going to be in studio for six weeks! Yayness! Source: PPF.

1/24/01 - I centered the layout and made it kinda smaller for those of you with a smaller resolution. It won't do much, but I don't want to get rid of the picture on the left because it's purtiful. Yes, purtiful. Some dumb f*ck sent Suzanne an e-mail because he couldn't get the song "The 'In' Crowd" (which Phantom Planet covered for Drive Me Crazy). Here's his e-mail: "Well, considering that you are supposed to be their fan club, I would like to think you have some sway. For crying out loud, tell them to put it out, tell them the Fans want it out, isn't that who they are supposed to be catering to in the first place? What kind of fan club doesn't get the songs from a band. either shape up, or get a real job other than glorified Groupie." Suzanne's reply: "You know it's people like you that bands, ESPECIALLY Phantom Planet do not "cater" to. You think by being pushy and INSULTING what I do is going to make me jump for joy to pass on your request to them? For your information, Mr. Know-It-All--of-how-bands-should-offer-their-music, this song that you so desperately want to get your hands on IS something I have a copy of, as well as all songs they've ever recorded. And just for the sake of your pure being, I WILL make this available to the fan club because you are not a member, so you still cannot get your hands on it.

By your simple request of wanting this song does not grant me permission by the band's record label, management, or the band themselves that I can just simply send it to you when it is not a commercial release.

What kind of fan insults someone who works with the band? Either shape up and learn how to deal with your frustration of not getting what you want, or just go to hell with your bad karma." I think I talked to that guy on Napster. E-mail the bastard.

1/20/01 - New layout (yes, i know i still need to change the main main page)! You like? I still have a few things to work on, but other than that, it's pretty good. I don't have a theme for this layout. The last one was like a bubblegum Candyland kind of thing. Sign the guestbook and tell me what you think! Anyway, Phantom Planet has been recording all week! Tomorrow (Sunday) they do pre-production. Source: PP Club (sglqueen). Links are to the right under the site of the month thing. Pictures and member bios are on the way. And a lot of pages are still like the old ones, so just ignore that, I'll change them soon.

1/14/01 - Even though only 7 people so far voted on the new layout background color, it looks like it's going to be black. But of course, you can still vote and maybe it'll be white. I know I keep promising about the new layout but like most people, I have a life outside of my PP site. Friends and crap. So I can't guarentee it anytime really soon. Anybody seen O Brother, Where Art Thou? Just saw that today. Pretty good, actually. That George Clooney! So kooky! Anyway, you can read the brief Jason interview that was featured in the February 2001 issue of JANE.

1/12/01 - What should the background color of the new layout be? It's either going to be black or here.