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February 2001 Updates

2/26/01 - I added another section today. It's just the songs that PP recorded so far on their upcoming album. And I rearranged the links on the right so it's in alphabetical order so it's easier to use (except for "older SOTM's" which'll stay first). The new album songs section is there, too. On the 23rd, Phantom Planet recorded a song called "Turn Shift Smile Repeat."

2/23/01 - I added a magazines section. I only have pictures from the magazine right now, though. I haven't typed up Jason's Spin magazine yet. So I only have pictures from Spin magazine and Alex's pics from MXG magazine. Um, I decided that's it's too much of a hassle to have a separate section for Phantom Planet happenings in the studio. So I'll just start with the updates, again (but without dates)...Finished a song called "Something is Wrong," started on "In Our Darkest Hour (almost done)," a visit from the head of Epic Records, and plans to see the private screening of Slackers. And all that was not all in one day. PP's in their fourth week of recording! Only two more to go. And I have also discovered recently that people like the guys of Phantom Planet is what's keeping the horrible show, Blind Date alive.

2/21/01 - Jason has an article in Gear magazine ("Revenge of the Nerd"). I don't know what issue but I know Nikki Cox is on the cover. Source: curlgirl927 from the Yahoo! PP Club. Here's the article pic from it. I already mentioned Jason in that magazine in an earlier update but I just wanted to say what issue he was in. And I also have the pictures from Spin magazine. Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 I'll have Alex in XLR8R soon. If I could just find that damn magazine...

2/19/01 - Phantom Planet has chosen "She Is Always On My Mind" to be the first radio single promoting their upcoming album! And I decided not to put RECORDING DAYS on these updates anymore. I'll have a separate section soon enough for it.

2/14/01 - Happy Valentine's Day! Even though I don't really like Valentine's Day because it reminds me of my loserness and the fact I don't have a guy to spend it with, I was happy today. But I'm usually happy everyday. Anyway, there's a Phantom Planet profile on And there's PP charity auctions on eBay. RECORDING DAYS: 2/13 - "One Ray of Sunlight" completed w/ Jacques doing guitar, Sam on tambourines/shakers, and Alex and Mitchell on keyboards; new song tomorrow (which would be today). Source: PPF

2/12/01 - I am frantically working on Jason's band biography. And the rest of the pictures. Oh, the pictures are up. But only the band pictures. Nothing else at the moment. Here's some quick recording stuph....2/07 - More of "Lonely Day" and watched old gig videos. 2/08 - Vocals on "Lonely Day" and went through some magazines with Jason and Alex featured in them. 2/09 - Finished "Lonely Day," on to "One Ray of Sunlight."

2/11/01 - Still haven't scanned Jason's Spin pictures. So I'm going to stop promising. But I have Jason's Gear pic. Alex is in a Stussy ad and it's featured on the inside cover of XLR8R magazine. There is more recording news but I'm supposed to go to sleep now since I have school tomorrow. So I'll make a new section with my own synopses of PP life in the studio. More tomorrow.

2/08/01 - There's an Alex interview on And it's recent, too. It's a brief interview on Donnie Darko, music, and PP's second album! Source: aimee_milla of the Yahoo! PP Club. So thanks to her! I got issue #8 of Band in the USA today in the mail...and the acronym that me and Heidi did is published! View it here. And I'll probably update later on if I get a chance to scan Jason's pics from Spin magazine. But then again, there's a high possibility that I won't be able to get to the scanning and updating for it...

2/07/01 - Recording stuph....2/06 - "Lonely Day" is in the works to be recorded, warm-ups on Radiohead songs, Alex and Jason switched positions during run-throughs of "Lonely Day," visit from 2 members of Elvis Costello's band ((The Attractions)). Source: PPF site. And tomorrow, I will have pictures from Spin magazine ((w/ Jason)).

2/06/01 - Recording stuph....2/05 - Finishing touches on "Nobody's Fault," manager visit, and then movie.

2/04/01 - More recording stuff going on...once again, these are only brief synopses for the non-fanclub-members who cannot view Suzanne's recording diary on the PPF site. 2/1 - More run-throughs of "Nobody's Fault," band members doing overdubs, eat, play N-64. 2/2 - soundcheck for El Rey show, interview, studio, more "Nobody's Fault," El Rey show (where PP debuted "Hey Now, Girl" and "Nobody's Fault" PROUDLY). So there you have it. And also, Jacques birthday is coming up next month and I decided to make sort of like an online card thing and send it to him via e-mail. It's right here. In addition to this, anybody who wants to um, "sign" it can. Just e-mail me with your name (and last initial or full last name) as to how you want it seen on the "card" and I'll add it. And if you want to, you can add your fanclub member #. But it's not necessary to even be in the fanclub.

2/01/01 - First off, me not going to the punk show on Friday is a-okay. I made other plans with my other friends to go see Saving Silverman. So, ya. Hmmm...there's a whole bunch of stuff going on with the fanclub and PP but according to Suzanne, it's "exclusive" but I always update on it anyway even though there's always a chance of Suzanne biting me in the butt. She only did once, but she can do it again. So you people better appreaciate my "exclusive" updates (even though they're just brief synopses. PP starts playing at the El Rey Theatre at 9:25pm but get there early to see Fairview, Rooney, and Kara's Flowers. There's going to be a video of the members only show for contest winners but after that there's going to be a poll about having it available to non-contest winners. There's going to be an online auction of PP stuff. E-mail Suzanne and tell her (and lay off "backyard concerts, prom dates" and such). And there's an online diary on the PPF site that's again, exclusive but I'll make them brief because of the butt-biting that may happen. 1/29 - PP (except for Jacques cuz he was sick) did run-throughs of a song called "Hey Now, Girl." 1/30 - Decorated the recording studio, run-throughs of "Hey Now, Girl" with Jacques, Alex did back-up vocals, and each PP member did "overdubs for the album contender." 1/31 - Guitar parts fixed for "Hey Now, Girl" w/ Alex and Sam on tambourines (as well as their regular positions), and some takes of "Nobody's Fault." Don't tell anyone I told you this and you'll be okay. I added older news to the left under the counter and this month's SOTM is Phantom Planet Strikes Back!