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December 2001 Updates

12/31/01 - Happy New Year's Eve! The countdown begins. A couple of new show dates added. A free in-store performance at the G-Mart in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, the 11th of January. Then another free in-store performance at the Puma store in NYC on Wednesday, the 16th of January. On January 30 (Wednesday), the Ed Sullivan Theatre in NYC - a late show performance. Then another show on the 10th of March (Sunday) in Denver, CO but the venue is unknown at the moment. Source: PPF. I found out that the show on January 15 (Tuesday) supporting Remy Zero is an 18 and over show, tickets are $10 advance, and $12 at the door. Go to and click on the Phantom Planet link on the right. He has pictures and a review of the HOB show that was on the 18th. Great pictures.

12/28/01 - One new show date added. In Washington D.C. @ the Metro Club on the 8th of January. Source: PPF. I added scroll-bar things to the top of this page. They're not links but just a list of what Phantom Planet is in currently. And some of you may have noticed that the sounds page is down because closed my account again. If anyone knows where I can store my mp3s for free online, please e-mail me or sign my guestbook.

12/23/01 - If you checked out the sounds page today, you would've noticed that I made a new account with Which means the mp3s are back up! But I have to re-upload them so there's only about 4 up right now. I have live versions of "Anthem" and "The Guest." And I have "Yakety Yak" from the Mumford soundtrack and their cover of "Somebody's Baby" which is featured on two compilations. The e-mail is and the password is phantomplanet . In theshow reviews section, Ashley sent me a show review of the 12/19/01 show at the HOB. And this is way late, but Alysia and Diana's review of the Slim's show back in August is also up there now. I never really got around to put those up but now they are. I got the AP magazine but PP doesn't seem to be in it...maybe the next issue? Oh, according to the poll results, "Turn Shift Smile Repeat" will be available for download here. You can vote for my site on that little thing under the "older updates link." Have you guys seen the splash page of my site yet? I made a "happy holidays" picture. And I also made a California/The Guest banner that you guys can put on your site once I get the code up on a section of the site. Merry Christmas Eve!

12/22/01 cont. (2nd update) - Jason is in the January 2001 issue of Stuff magazine. Thanks to moOger on the PPF boards for that tidbit! And thanks to Sophia for this bit of info: You can watch the Slackers trailer here. "Hey Now, Girl" by the wonderful Phantom Planet is playing in the background at one part. If you go to the Slackers official site and go to "Quick Links" then "Music" you can hear a snippet of it. And erg, I didn't get a chance to get the AP magazine. Go see The Royal Tenenbaums. Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson are genius.

12/22/01 - Two show dates added. One is the fanclub show and the other is in NYC supporting Remy Zero.

12/21/01 - Happy Holidays! It's morning and I'm eating breakfast, watching the news, and on the internet. I've got to go to school later but that's okay because today's the last f*cking school day of the year! I won't get to see my boyfriend for two weeks but I'll talk to him and crap like that. Here's the poll. I'll be checking it after school to see if I should upload that into my account or not. I'm possibly getting the January 2002 issue of AP after school for the Phantom Planet thing in it. Jason is in the current issue of Harper's Bazaar; it's him saying stuff about his favorite record selections. Thanks much to tear off band for that info on the PPF boards! Rushmore will be playing on Comedy Central at 2pm (Central Time). I'm not totally sure on what the time would be on the West Coast or the East...hopefully you do. According to Katie, when they played it yesterday, Jason introduced the movie and then said that Slackers would be coming out soon, then played the trailer. AND it has "Hey Now, Girl" playing in the background. So maybe it'll be the same today. Thanks much to Katie for that! Source: PPF message boards.

12/20/01 - I finally put the show reviews page up. New reviews are up - Katie sent me a review of the 12/05/01 show in Chicago, IL (Metro). A new link is up also. Not a full blown PP site, but it's about Elise's 10/06/01 show experience - The poll ends tomorrow, so that means I start a new myplay account and start uploading tomorrow. It's 54(no) and 53(yes) right now, so unless a couple people vote for yes, it's a no. I added to the magazines section the article in the January 2002 issue of Elle.

12/16/01 cont. (2nd update) - There's a new layout on! I like it. PP's first single, "California" hits radio on January 18, 2002. The January 2002 issue of Alternative Press magazine has a PP article ("one of the 100 bands you should know about in 2002"). The February 2002 issues of Teen Vogue and Seventeen. Phantom Planet's going to be performing their late night TV debut on The Late Show with David Letterman on January 30, 2002. These news make me sad...but also proud of them. But they're going to get bigger sooner than I thought. They won't be our Phantom Planet anymore...

12/16/01 - Tripod wasn't working on my f*cking computer. It made me mad. But now it's working so I'm not so mad anymore. I have things to update on. Phantom Planet things. Today's Benefit show at the Hollywood Palladium is cancelled! So sorry I didn't update on this before but Tripod has been a b*tch to me the last couple of days. Pete Yorn mentioned PP in his MTV2 interviews, and there's still a bit of tix left for the HOB show on the 19th. Well, maybe they're sold out by now, but still, you should check. Fanclubbers probably already know this but the fanclub show will be at an undisclosed location in Hollywood, CA on January 02, 2002 (Wednesday) - 8pm-12am. On Monday, December 17, Epic is holding a screening for Jason's February 01, 2002 movie Slackers. It's in L.A. It's probably invite only, though which sucks major dick. Source: Suzanne's mailing list. The January 2002 issue of Elle magazine has a review of The Guest - Phantom Planet's upcoming second studio album! Source: Christine. And the current issue of Mean Street magazine, Vol. 12.06 December 2001 has a pic of Alex and Sam from the Hollywood HOB (from the show w/ Flickerstick). It's free but in the So-Cal area. Source: Sophia, PPF. There's some more stuff to update on but I've got homework so I'll be back later.

12/09/01 - Take the "Turn Smile Shift Repeat" poll.

12/08/01 - Tickets for the HOB show on the 19th w/ Pete Yorn will be onsale early next week at Ticketmaster. They're going to go quick. And PP is playing the Silverlake Silver Lining Benefit show. $75 for tix. Source: PPF. I have the studio mp3 of "Turn Smile Shift Repeat"...I know I shouldn't have downloaded it because I wanted to keep it as a surprise for me when I get the disc...but it was way too tempting. I downloaded it, listened to it 3 times[it's good] and I am attempting to stop listening to it. Should I or shouldn't I put it up available for mp3 download? Do you want it or don't you? I'll get a poll so you guys can vote on it and whatnot. Oh, and in yesterday's update...I said that Karen made the post on the PPF's Katie. Sorry about that, KATIE. There's an Alex rumor going around that Alex is bi-sexual and that he was gettin' it on with TAYLOR HANSON. Jacques and Alex kissed?! I heard it on this thread of the PPF boards. I don't really care just as long Alex keeps on writing great music. Well, I admit that I wouldn't be surprised if Alex was bi. Don't bite me on this or for the rumor. "The papa said 'Oy, if I get that boy, I'm gonna stick him in the house of detention" - Paul Simon, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

12/07/01 - The upcoming Phantom Planet music video is for "California"! The director is Roman Coppola, Jason's cousin. Some of it was filmed at Chicago's Metro club when PP was playing there. And some was filmed at another of Chicago's clubs, the Hideout. From Katie's PPF board post, PP brought back their cover of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage." Here's some of her post..."I will say that the Hideout show was probably the most memorable one of my life.... Quickly, these are a few highlights. They filmed bits of the "California" video at the Metro, but did most of the filming at the Hideout. My sister, friends and I were in the front row in full-out PP gear going nuts. We had to sign release forms so we can be in the video. Roman Coppola taped the whole show, and also people talking to the guys afterward. They played "Surrender" by Cheap Trick (with Pete Yorn on the drums) and "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys. My sister and I sang the chorus of "Lisa" with Alex into the mic. And the guys went crazy the whole time, I have never seen anything like it. Darren broke 5 strings. Jason did a massive drum solo and pounded his arms all over the piano. I thought they were going to break the tiny stage! Insanity." Thanks to Katie for that. Anyone planning on seeing The Royal Tenenbaums? Wes Anderson is genius. Especially when paired up with Owen Wilson to write a movie. I'm going to see the day it comes out with my bro.'s going to be hard to beat Rushmore...Hey, ho, let's go!

12/03/01 cont. (2nd update) - Phantom Planet is going to be mentioned in the "Random Notes" part of the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine. I wouldn't know which issue that is but I read that in a tour diary update on PPF and it was dated 11/28/01. So that would make it this week. I think. That's all I have to update on right now. I think I go on the computer too much. Oh, read Alex's tour diary update (dated 12/01/01). It's about Time. Interesting stuff. I watched Monsters, Inc. today. I watched it while my brothers watched Behind Enemy Lines. I was supposed to go with my [boy]friend, Jason but like the video game dork he is, he wanted to go buy a new game with his geeky he had an extra class...the end. Yes, it was a really good movie.

12/03/01 - 5:30pm today for the Bay Area-ians, Channel 15, PeepShow. The Phantom Planet interview, remember? Too bad I get stupid snow on mine...even though I live in San Jose. But Tisha's recording it, right?! Anyway, thanks so much to sykosophia for posting this on the PPF message boards! There's supposedly a concert that PP will be playing at the Hollywood Palladium in L.A., CA. It's to benefit a L.A.-area free health clinic. I think they're playing December 15? It's a 3-day concert so I'm not really sure. And Suzanne hasn't said anything on PPF. But more information can be found at Oh, and tix are $75.