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August 2001 Updates

8/30/01 - Show dates updated. More American Hi-Fi tour dates. Source: PPF. But the weird thing is, is that there are some show dates on there that aren't on the American Hi-Fi page. And there's some dates on the AHF page that aren't on the PPF page. So I don't really know what's the dealio on that. And one more entry by Karen is added to what the hell?. Yes, thank you Karen.

8/27/01 - Tour dates with American Hi-Fi are up! 14 of 'em. Source: None in California but that's okay because they play a ton over here and this is a good chance for you PP East Coasters. Check out those tour dates and I tried my best to provide stuff for those tour dates on the shows page (like the venue address, doors/show times, ticket cost, and ticket info). I hope those of you who went to the Phanfest yesterday had a super time! And if I work on the new layout today, it should be up today or tomorrow...or maybe Wednesday. It depends 'cause I've got to do every page dammit. But hopefully it'll look rad to the max. Maybe not to the max. At least to the minimum. And if no one else is going to participate in the what the hell? thing, then I might as well start looking for another picture for the next one.

8/24/01 - Happy 23rd birthday to Darren!!! Send him lots of birthday love! ...One what the hell? entry has been added by Christine. Thanks, Christine! And Phantom Planet will NOT be touring with The Donnas so forget when I mentioned that a few updates ago. Instead, a fall U.S. tour has been confirmed with [might I say crap] rock band, American Hi-Fi. It's from September 18 to October 24. So look forward to that! The tour dates coming soon. Although I've only heard "Flavor of the Weak" by American Hi-Fi, it seems like they're one of those wannabe la la punk bands. Not so good, eh? No offense to them or any of you fans of them, though!! I like my music and you like yours. That's all there is to it. So in light of the new tour, the September 20th show with Remy Zero is cancelled. So despite what you've heard from me or any other source, they will NOT be playing with Remy Zero on the 20th, with the Donnas, or with Travis/Remy Zero on the 23rd of next month. Source: PPF & Suzanne. Oh, and I was on and it listed a show that I've never heard of Phantom Planet playing at in the future...It said that they are playing at the Paradise Rock Club on October 6th in Boston, Massachussetts. ??? Anyone hear of this? And barg! I got kicked off Angelfire again so I'll have to start all over again with uploading mp3s.

8/23/01 - It seems like I haven't updated forever but I know it's only been 5 days and I've gone more than 5 days without updating but just not recently so maybe that's why it feels like forever since my last update. But the normal amount of people still visit according to my Site Meter thingermerbob. So that's good. For some reason I wouldn't want a mad rush to my site anyway. But that doesn't mean the regular people should stop visiting because I do want the normal amount of people to visit. So that's good. Thanks much! Anyway [I was rambling], there are no new PP news since the 18th so I did some site updates. Well, one visible one anyway. Nicole sent in an entry for what the hell?. So thanks very very much to Nicole for that! 'Cause she's the only one who sent in an entry but i'd very much appreciate any other entries from you people! I think that's the only visible site update. The other site workings I've been working on is the new layout, and the main page is almost done! Just some slight touches to be made. And then I need to convert every freakin' page of the site to the new layout! But it won't take THAT long. And I made the new layout resizable because many of you probably have different resolutions. I've been uploading lots of live mp3s, too. So that'll be up when the new layout is up. Darren's 23rd birthday is tomorrow!! Oh, and thanks to charlotte, catherine, and Holly H for signing the gbook. Hmmmm...that seems to be all.

8/18/01 - Click here for some Phantom Planet AIM buddy icons! From Wowie zowie, buddy icons! AIM stinks anyway, but it's the only way I can talk to people 'cause everybody's on it. IM me sometime if you want - BrokenDenial. Minus the period at the end of it. There's a new show date! It's on the 30th of this month at the Universal Citywalk in Universal City, CA. I was just there like 3 weeks ago! Which sucks. But have fun if you're going! Oh, thanks to Jessica who signed the guestbook and there's a new what the hell? up.

8/17/01 - If you look at the show dates I have listed, there's one on September 9th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco with The Donnas. Well, I've been informed that it's not going to happen. So there's another show in SF happening in October. The 26th, I think...anyway, I'm VERY sorry if you bought tickets for that show to see PP but I'm hoping no one didn't. I'll have to ask Suzanne about the show in October...People probably already know this but for fanclub news, there's a fanfest to be going on, on Sunday, August 26, 3340 Riverside Drive; Chino, CA 91708. It starts at 11pm and ending at God knows when. It's a party/fundraiser for the fanclub, there's going to be a car wash for just 3 bucks a car and bring a sheet of postage stamps or money to donate to the fanclub! Wanna help out? E-mail Leslie #408 or Suzanne. A bunch of PP fans will be there, you meet and talk with, swap show pictures and/or stories, and stuff like that. Suzanne'll be there with the NEW ALBUM TO LISTEN TO! Good stuff. I haven't heard it but I've heard live versions of most of the songs and I'm sure some of you out there have, too. Maybe a (or some) band member(s) will be there but it's not guarenteed. And for show information...PP's touring this fall, starting early September and going into October. So the show on the 20th with Remy Zero may be cancelled but maybe not. They are still doing the CMJ Marathon though. And I just started working on the new layout today!

8/12/01 - Happy birthday, Catherine!! As for PP news: One more show date. They're opening for The Donnas with The Kicks in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall on August 9. Thanks to Lauren for informing me on that! She also told me that they're playing there on the 10th also but I haven't seen anything on that when I went to the above listed sites. Also thanks to Lauren: On E! Online's Out & About: Where the stars make the scene there's a picture of of Talia Shire, Jason and Robert Schwartzman. Thanks much, Lauren!

8/11/01 - I've got a buttload of things to update on today! Of course, you all know that I went to the Phantom Planet show at Slim's in San Francisco and it was amazing! Well, amazing for a bit of 30 minutes that they played. And it was awesome when...Oh, hell why don't you just read what I wrote about it? And pictures, too. Read the stuff at the top of the gallery!!! But that was one helluva show for my first PP show. I think I added some more pictures. Band, Jacques, Alex...and the rest of the guys are STILL YET TO COME. God, I'm taking forever with it. Tisha told me she heard "All Over Again" on the radio! Excuse me for saying, NO! I don't feel like explaining why. I signed up with Angelfire again and I uploaded some live mp3s and as soon as I make a page for them, I'll update on it. Added one show date. I thought they weren't doing that show date (8/18) but I guess they are because I read it on One link added. Check that out. And thanks to Alex of As the World Goes on the Internet for saying that Donnie Darko is coming out for a limited release on October 26, 2001! The movie with Alex Greenwald and a big giant bunny. Slackers is being released on January 18 of next year and Simone is being released early 2002. The movies with Jason Schwartzman. So thanks to Alex for all those dates! And thanks to Francis for signing the guestbook! Phantom Planet is going on tour this fall! It has been confirmed. I heard it was with the Donnas. I could be wrong. And the first Phanfest will be taking place on Sunday, August 26 in Southern California. It's going to be a party/fundraiser organized by Leslie #408. Source: PPF on the last tour dates and the Phanfest. I wish wish wish I could go! But it's just too damn damn damn far! I know I live in the same state but my dad is ABSOLUTELY NOT going to take me!!! (P)

8/07/01 - Thanks to andrew1484.geo for the following information: PP went to see The Strokes last Friday [8/03] at the Troubadour in Hollywood, CA. NME magazine mentioned Jason in their review of the show. I was going to type up the article here but it's too damn long. So click here. Some of you may not want to read the whole thing so if you just wanna see Jason's name there, it's paragraph 5 ["The audience included KROQ legend..."]. I've never heard the Strokes before but I remember Charlotte telling me that Jason said that the Strokes are like PP but a bit harder. I'll download some songs of theirs and tell you what I think...I was too lazy to look around some more for a SOTM so I just decided that this month's SOTM is 'Cause they have good stuff there. [working on new layout, it'll be a while...but when it's up, so will a page about myself] Phantom Planet in SF in two days!

8/04/01 - One show date added. It is in New York. Check the shows page for more information. Barg! No luck with the SOTM. If you didn't get to go to the chat on, I have the transcript here. Source: PPF. It's on and I was too lazy to put it up on a proper html page, so it's just on notepad format for now. I'll put it up on a proper page when I'm not such a lazy ass. Oh, and I'm getting better at guitar chords! Yes! 5 months of guitar lessons and I'm getting better at chords finally! I was in a melody rut for a while. My cousin came to visit today and she looked at the pins I had on my shirt and she's like "What does 'Weezer' mean?" I was about to stab her with my chopstick.

8/02/01 - Still no SOTM. If I can't find a Phantom Planet site with good content and recent updates, I'll pick a non-related PP site that's rad as a SOTM. Did anyone go to the chat yesterday on the Hanson site? I read on the Phantom Planet message board that the guys said that the live EP will be coming out sometime September 2001 and the new album will be coming out February 2002. Thanks to starlette14 who posted that message up!

8/01/01 - It's August 1 and I don't have a new SOTM up yet. It'll come in a couple of days. I didn't get to go chat with Phantom Planet on because I found out you have to be a member of and you have to PAY to be part of that. So I didn't get to chat with them but it's all good. Wanna know why it's all good?? Come on, guess. GUESS! You guessed right...I have to go pee. I'm just kidding but GUESS WHAT?! I GET TO GO SEE PHANTOM PLANET AT SLIM'S IN SAN FRANCISCO, AUGUST 9TH!!! My first Phantom Planet show! And I get to meet Charlotte! Charlotte my online buddy! My dad's taking me, my best buddy Catherine, and my brother [Alex] to see them!!! Alex doesn't REALLY want to go 'cause he's not really fond of PP but he's a big fan of Jason, and I can't go to the show if my brother doesn't go. But AWESOME, I AM going! I'm so happy! Me first PP show. Mmmmm....wonder what'll it be like. $20 well spent. There were no PP news here but I'm sure that's okay with you people, right? Right. If anyone out there reading this and want to say "hi" to me at the show, look for a short Asian with short black hair and black thick-rimmed glasses. Hmmm...I don't know if that will help much because I've heard that there's a lot of glasses-wearing Asian PP fans out there. Say hi to me anyway. Oh wait, I don't wear make-up. I'm not sure if that'll help anything. I'm feeling fine and dandy [and happy] as can be. Thanks to Kristi who signed my guestbook on the 29th! And I am planning to make a page of the site about meself so you people will know who the hell I am.