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April 2001 Updates

4/28/01 - It's 12:30am right now. I'm just up with my brother watching late night shows after Simpsons and 3rd Rock. I went to so many places today and I'm tired. I finally bought a strap for my beautiful guitar. But the giant screws for it on my guitar won't come off. Dammit. Anyway, the second PP album has been named, I don't know what it is, but it has been named. And the release date for it is August 14, 2001 (2 days after Catherine's 16th birthday)! The release date could change though. The only time I would want it to change is if the date moves earlier than that. That'll be good. Oh, and I forgot to mention that on the 24th (which HAS passed), it's been a year since this site has been opened! So, yay.

4/27/01 - No new PP news for a while now...I have some other related news. doraemonblueblue of the Y! PP Club has some pictures of the CSUF show from Wednesday. Click these: CSUF01 CSUF02 CSUF03 CSUF04. I really hope she doesn't mind me using them. And a Jimmy Fishbeck e-mailed me and told me about his Phantom Planet Suck site. Beating the crap out of him would feel nice. But then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It would still feel good, though.

4/20/01 - It's Friday! And it's rainy. And freezing as hell. A friend at school was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He said that he's "not bothered by the coldness." I wish I wasn't. I don't like being cold. And thanks to Monique for signing the guestbook! I love you forever. In Phantom Planet related news - Jason's going to be working on another movie. This was on E! Online: "Rushmore's Jason Schwartzman spins into an impressive ensemble in the indie drug flick Spun. Mickey Rourke, John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari, Patrick Fugit, Brittany Murphy and Peter Stormare are all on board for the film, which is being helmed by Madonna's 'Ray of Light' video director, Jonas Akerlund, in his feature debut. Schwartzman stars as a methamphetamine user who stumbles into a series of mishaps with his dealer (Leguizamo) and the drug manufacturer (Rourke). Filming begins in May." Source: E! Online and Asteroid G. And Slackers hasn't been released yet because of the recent closing of Destination Films. And the title may change (again?!) to Scam. A Pig's Tale, the 1994 movie with Alex is airing on Monday, April 23, at 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Starz4. Check your local listings if you want to watch. That's all for today. Oh, but I have to mention that I was looking at the PP pictures that were just put up yesterday on the PPF site, and I haven't looked at pictures of them for a while (except for an old sticker on my shelf), but my God, Alex is so hot! I was going to die, I swear. And there's one picture of Darren...good sweet Mike (I don't remember where I first heard that saying), he's gorgeous! Okay, now that is all.

4/17/01 - No PP news. Two entries are added to what the hell?.

4/07/01 - A new link is added: A Place That's Warm. And this Friday (April 13, 2001), the rerun of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" with the bit of Phantom Planet in it is on again. Source: LuLuZ7734 and lunchboxangel04 of the Y! PP Club. Over here (the San Francisco bay area), "Sabrina" reruns air at 5:30 pm (Pacific time), on UPN44. But you better check your local listings to where you live. There's another PP show coming up. Wednesday, April 25, Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, at 12pm. More info later. Source: PPF. I changed the picture to what the hell?. It's a bit different this time. Because I was too lazy to look for a picture.

4/06/01 - Has anyone gotten their issue of "Band in the USA" yet? I haven't gotten mine yet...the mailman better not have taken it. In other news, I found out that all the Phantom Planet guys are single, so Jason and Selma are no longer together nor is Jacques and Jessica. I never knew if the other guys were attached or not but now they're broken up. Sad, really. I want them to have girlfriends and not be lonely, unless they're fine with no girlfriends. Then it's fine with me. But it sucks for them...and as for album news, the release date has been pushed back further yet again, to this fall. Let's see, so it was supposed to come out last summer, then early 2001, then spring 2001, then summer 2001, now fall 2001. Don't worry, I don't blame them. They just want it to be perfect, neat, and well organized. Well, I do, too. I don't care, really. Just as long as it's good. But it's nice that they're taking their time on it. Oh, and this month's SOTM is As the World Goes on the Internet. Creators = kim, KIM, and alex. Nice job. For anyone who cares, please sign the guestbook.