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Last updated: 09/14/01
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09/15/01 - THE NEW LAYOUT IS UP!!! I hope you all like it because I spent so f*cking long on it!!! Some of the stuff still needs to be worked on if you look at the menu but I am so tired from working on it today that I'm going to leave it alone for today. But I hope you like it so sign the guestbook and give me some love. Or not. There's one new show without American Hi-Fi. And there's two new tour dates but you should go to PPF to see what they are because I don't have them up right now. And don't trust my show dates because they're not right and I need to fix them. This morning Phantom Planet appeared live on 100.1 FM WDST Radio Woodstock at 8:30am!! I got an e-mail from Suzanne about this...did anyone near upstate New York happen to tune in? There was an acoustic set and interview...That's about all for PP news right now. Sounds are up and I believe a new Sam interview is up in the interviews section (under "the band"). Sign the guestbook. Tour diaries are up at and I wish the best to all those of you who had loved ones to worry about on September 11! It's all so sad...

09/11/01 - What a tragic day.

09/07/01 - Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I will be working on the new layout tonight (or rather Saturday morning since I'm up watching late episodes of Simpsons with my brother) and as I new layout-ize the pages, they won't be displayed on the main menu until the layout is up. And I'll have sounds and new show reviews and whatnot.

09/07/01 - I hang my head in shame as I once consider myself to be a bad web dudette. I always always forget to check my e-mail account that my PP news come in! Darn damn shite. I apologize and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Well, now that that is said, I have to move on to the Phantom Planet news that I have for you people (but you may have heard already). The live EP is out! But the bad part of it is that it's not for sale in stores or online! Poop. It's only available on tour at the shows. And if you're a member of the fanclub then whip it out to Suzanne at the merchandise booth and you'll get it for one dollar. That's out of the question for me so if anyone would be so kind and pick one up for little 'ol me? I'll pay for it and shipping through snail mail. So e-mail me if you love me enough (although I already posted in the Yahoo! Phantom Phamily Club and the Phantom Planet Messageboards). Oh, the tour is now named by Alex and is called "Funeral Tour 2001." Nifty. If you want to meet the band, Suzanne's working on a meet and greet for tour shows and supposedly, there's something more for fanclubbers. And there's going to be autograph signings and whatnot. You can still e-mail the guys and snail mail will be sittin' in a pile waiting to be read by them. Phantom Planet left for tour two days ago (the 5th), there's exclusive tour merchandise (displayed on Phantom Planet Family) and they'll be back October. I'm going to miss them. Even though I've only seen them once I'm still going to miss them.

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