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.:2nd member show review bye jessica krill:.*.:2nd member show review bye jessica krill:.*.:2nd member show review bye jessica krill:.*.:2nd member show review bye jessica krill:.*.:2nd member show review bye jessica krill:.*

          Well, the night started out pretty shitty. But I guess I should go back a little furthur. That afternoon Makena (my friend) came over at like 1:30 and we watched "No Dessert Dad..." because it's so cute. And we just basically sat around my house doing various things for like two hours. We left my house at about 3:30 and we went to pick up Shelby (my other friend). So, then we went to my sister's dorm room at UCLA to drop off her stuff. So, blah, blah, blah. Eventually we got on the Freeway and of course, there was traffic. But it was ok because we were kinda early.
          Eventually we got there and we stood in line. We could hear soundcheck from outside. While we were there, they played "Anthem", "Optimistic" by Radiohead, and something else, I don't really remember. I found out that I was supposed to be in a different line. But I wasn't really sure. So I asked a Street Team member and she fucking yelled at me. I was pissed off. So, we stood in line for a long time and she kept on ignoring me. She was freaking out on Suzanne which made me really mad because Suzanne was already stressed out. So, I was in my line with my sister, her boyfriend, and my mom and Makena and Shelby were in the regular line. I was going back and forth to talk to them and keep my mom company. But one time, I went over there and saw Selma Blair standing by Jason's car. She was smoking a cigarette. It was kinda strange. She didn't look like she was very comfortable. I felt kinda bad for her. So, I left and went back to my line and when I went back to Makena and Shelby, she was gone and Makena and Shelby were giggling. I later found out that they had picked her cigarette up off the floor. How psycho are they? And eventually, they made me hold it. It was quite sad. We finally got our passes like 15 minutes before doors opened. So, we went in and of course I went to the Jacques and Darren side. We stood around for awhile as people decided to push past me and try and get in front of me. It was very fucking annoying.
          It took PP awhile to get on stage, so we were watching them up on the balcony. Selma and Jason kissed a few times and it was really cute. I thought I wouldn't like her, but she really seems to make Jason happy and they're absolutely adorable when they're together. After all the time we spent waiting, PP finally came out on stage. They were all dressed nice and Darren had a beanie on. I was wondering why. Then, I later found out that he was sick. But when they came out, Jacques had a little cane with him, it was so sad. He broke something or something like that, I don't really remember. During the interview at the beginning, Sam was sitting on Jason's lap. It was really cute. So, they answered a couple of questions and played a couple of songs acoustic. The songs I remember them playing acoustic were "I Was Better Off", "Can't Take It", "Bust A Move", "Sleep Machine", "Fine On My Own", "The Local Black And Red", I think some other songs. I have a really bad memory. All the guys were making hilarious comments. It was so funny. It was good, and they answered questions from the audience. My friends and everyone wanted me to ask them one of Alex's lines from "No Dessert Dad..." which was "Do you weiners go to the bathroom together too?" But I wouldn't do it and I'm glad I didn't.
          Then, they went straight into the regular set and Jacques still had to sit in his chair because of his leg. I was so sad. They played songs and stuff and it was great. I won't list those songs cause there's too many and I won't remember half of them. It was cool though! Darren rapped! I loved it. It was the best. Darren's always off in his own little world when he plays, but it gave him a chance to go crazy. It was so awesome! So, the concert was great except for the fact that I had a fucking camera man right in front of me half the time. It was annoying. He was so pushy and stupid, he shoved me into my sister's boyfriend and he hit me in the head with his camera and kept elbowing me in the stomach. I was about to kill him. And he just happened to block Jacques every time he came to my side.
          So, after the set, me, my friends, and my mom went up stairs. And talked to the guys a little, got some autographs, and got some pictures. They were all really nice, but there were so many people there. So, we didn't get to talk to them as much as usual which kinda sucks. Jacques was with his girlfriend and they were adorable. She seemed very sweet. I don't know what her name was though. Jesse from Kara's Flowers was there, so we talked to him and got him to sign some pictures we took at another show. He was sweet. He was like, "are you sure it's of me?" It was cute, he was very modest. After a while, most of the people left and it was a lot less crowded. We went down stairs and talked to Jason and Selma and got some pictures of them together. They were cute. I like them. So...I asked Jacques if they were ever going to play "By My Side" (which is my favorite song. Jacques sings it!!!!) again. He said probably not and I was really sad. So, I told him that I love it and they have to play it again. He said he loves it too, but it wasn't his choice and he told me to talk to the other guys about it. and everyone else went to talk to Alex about "No Dessert Dad..." and stuff and I mentioned what Jacques had said about "By My Side" and he said they'd definately play it again. But I don't know. And he was embarassed about the fact that we saw "No Dessert Dad." And he didn't even remeber his lines, so I'm glad I didn't ask the question. He was like "I was 13, I don't remember that!" It was cute. He was really sweet about it. So, I saw Jacques again and told him what I said to Alex and he was happy. That was about all for the night, I was tired and my legs hurt. So, we all went home. It was a great night!