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Questions made by me and Catherine
Taken on August 11, 2000

1. What would you do if you were doing a show and a fan threw a bowling ball as a gift on stage?

2. Do you have any siblings?
A 12 year old brother, Max. Cool kid.

3. What would be worst: getting booed off-stage and banans thrown at you or having a group of girls chase you off-stage and a couple miles down the street?
Booed off with bananas. The other is not so bad.

4. Do you watch wrestling? Why or why not?
No. Cartoons are better.

5. What is your favorite "Simpsons" episode?
Crab Juice v. Mountain Dew.

6. In your opinion, who is the worst "Simpsons" character?
There are no bad characters in "The Simpsons." They all serve a funny purpose.

7. What do you think of teenyboppers?
A bit odd. At times scary.

8. Who would you like to go to dinner with (it could be a cartoon character):
Jessica Rabbit.

9. What if your first name was Far-Far and your middle name was Rar?
I would change it, I think. Although a tongue twister for a name could be fun.

10. What do you do in your free time?
Play and listen to music, drive, watch a movie, sit in front of an air conditioner.

11. What are you afraid of?
Drowning. Blank canvas. Rejection.

12. What's the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?
Someone asked me for my bass once. Daring and bold, but I couldn't do it.

13. Have you ever worn a dress?
Yes. Halloween, 11th grade.

14. In front of a person/people?
Yes, we trick-or-treated as women. A couple friends and I. Quite fun.

15. Why do you always kick me when I'm high? Knock me down 'till we see eye to eye?
'Cause I'm the jealous type.

16. You taught me how to trust, and to believe in us. And then you taught me how to cuss, you b*tch it's over. You know I used to be such a nice boy.
Sorry. Don't know how to respond to that one.

17. Why is the sky?
Because it is blue and very large.

18. What do you think of the picture placed at the bottom?
Flattering. Who is that?

Take care.
Enjoy Friday.