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Last updated: 05/17/02
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Joey Ramone 1951-2001
George Harrison 1943-2001

05/17/02 - I don't think I'm going to shut the site down. I like working on layouts. Anyway, Incubus has added Phantom Planet to their 4th of July show in Dallas, TX. It's at the Smirnoff Music Centre. Tickets are available here. A Cincinnati radio station, 97X WOXY have an signed Phantom Planet poster and a copy of The Guest at their Modern Rock Auction for Charity.

05/14/02 - I've recently been thinking of shutting the site down. But you don't want that, right? Good, because I'm updating for the first time since the 6th. The PP Street Team has launched and it'll be an online street team except for special occasions. It's for fanclub members only though, click here for more information. Thomas Zeidler (Austrian journalist) took much pictures of Phantom Planet here to take a look. Source: PPF. There are a few new tour dates, go here to see where they're going to be (I took a break from homework and decided to update so I don't have a lot of time to put in the new tour dates on this site right now). Jason and Phantom Planet were mentioned in the Houston Chronicle yesterday about actors in bands. Source: BTEchica of the PPF boards.

05/06/02 - Uploaded 2 mp3s: Studio version of "The Happy Ending" and studio version of "A Tyranny of Words" -, log-in name: ppsounds , password: phantomplanet .

05/04/02 - has a feature on Phantom Planet. The link is in a yellow square called "On: Hear Tomorrow's Stars Today!" Source: PPF. There are a few new tour dates but I haven't gotten the chance to put them up on the site yet so check them out at I should really get to work on the new layout but I'm getting to spend less and less time online. But I did go to the movies yesterday and I now recommend Spider-Man. Champion stuff. Click here for a description of a crazy one.

05/03/02 - Jason (on page 36) is in the May 2002 issue of Q magazine. It's a small interview. Source: akstrgzr of the PPF boards.

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