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Alex Greenwald

Position in Phantom Planet: lead vocalist, guitarist
Birthdate: October 09, 1979
Height: 6'0"
Hair color:: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Live Stage Setup:
Two Gibson SG electric guitars
Epiphone ES-300 electric guitar
Takamine acoustic guitar
Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker amplifier
"...and countless pedals that are so amazing, if I listed them here you'd be tried in court for espionage." -Alex

     I am in Phantom Planet because I was chosen, along with the other four members of the band to be a part of an extraterrestrial experiment on the human race. I write, perform, and record music. I also have been going on a few auditions recently. I love to chat with my friends, and go out to eat with them.
     I am inspired by everything that goes on in my life. That seems like a dull answer but if I explain maybe it won't sound that way anymore. As with most lives, mine has its ups and downs, hopes and let downs, problems and solutions. Lately I have tried to examine these things closely and try to evolve and grow from them. Who is to say that this works, but I am inspired by the events and feelings that take place in my life. I love going to places that I have never visited before, meeting new people, and getting into trouble with my band members. The spiritual experience of being in the studio is amazing. Creating is amazing. Working with the band to form a common goal is amazing.
     I love playing live. It's like therapy. I get rid of all my troubles, I get angry, I let out all of my emotions. I have fun. I had the most fun at the show where we opened for Third Eye Blind, but I don't think it was our best. I'll have to get back to you....
     I usually don't remember my dreams when I wak up in the morning, but today, I remembered dreaming about Jacques' new haircut. He asked me why I didn't notice, and I said I did. I also said that he got his hair recolored. The weirdest thing is that Jacques really did get his hair cut and colored today. I am a sleeping psychic.

What's the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Joining Phantom Planet

The best?
Joining Phantom Planet

What kind of car do you drive?
I drive a 1981 Volvo Station wagon.

Favorite place you've visited?

Favorite cereal?
Blueberry Morning. The best cereal ever made.

Any near death experiences?
Too many to talk about..

If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?
Electronic noise music

What have you been doing lately?
Electronic noise music

What do you think about when you play live?
How great playing live is.

Dream girl?
I will have to think about this one...

The best and worst thing about girls?
The best and worst thing about girls is that they exist.

Who do you respect?
My Elders. Jazz musicians.

Favorite films?
The Sound of Music. Star Wars. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Goonies. The Exorcist.

Favorite piece of clothing?
My sleeveless shirt from the early eighties with Michael Jackson on it.

If you could change anything about America, what would it be?
Everyone's awareness. Or maybe its name. Don't you think Privilegeville sounds better?

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?
Mick Jagger

What is important?
Everything. Knowing that nobody's perfect. Everybody's human (except for robots). You are the ruler of your own universe.

What other musicians do you admire?
David Bowie, Jeff Lynne, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan

What would you like to tell your fans?
I love you. Thank you for your support. Without you we wouldn't be anything special. Thank you.