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     The main thing I remember is how big Jason's drumset was. I was hanging with Jacques and his old band earlier that night, and the drummer of his old band was playing on this garage kit: a standard set of kick, snare, two toms, and some cymbals. Jason' had five toms, a set of roto toms, five or six cymbals, a double-pedal, a cowbell I think. It was crazy. And when he started to play...I looked at Jacques and knew it was over. We were in a good place. Alex was a punk kid back then. I guess he still is now.(smile) Shaved, bleached hair. Salvation army clothes. He got me into that. He got a bunch of us into that actually: super-cheap, cheesy clothing. In any case, he rocked. Had the attitude. And Darren...he was the most normal of the group, so it seemed. I think he had a flannel on, and this huge haircut. Sometime between then and now, Darren has completely lost his any case we all looked strange back then. Jacques, Jason and I all had really long hair. At least to the chin. The jam itself was hilarious thinking back upon it. But to us, it was amazing. I was playing guitar; Alex played bass. We played mostly covers and a couple of originals, including the first version of "So I Fall Again." That song has come a long way now hasn't it? But I definitely had the rush. I knew that it would grow and sharpen and become my wildest dreams. And it's on its way as I write: approaching something unknown and fantasmic.